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  1. This website is not working on my computer. Have they any country restrictions?
  2. Earn from link shortening looks easiest to earn money but it is difficult actually. The problem is how to get thousand of clicks on your links. Bitly is a good service if you manage thousand clicks on your urls.
  3. Very nice article. I am try to earn form adfly but still could not find any good method. Your idea about twitter looks interesting and I shall try it.
  4. The best benefit for PPC advertising is that they you can earn a decent amount of money from you webiste at home.
  5. Well, Google Analysis give you a good ideal about your audience and target market. If you really want to know who is looking for your ads, just go to your google analysis account and there you shall get enough idea. Most PPC advertising programs pay good for USA, Canada and UK visitors. You can target your website on these countries from Google Webmasters Tool.
  6. Pay per click advertising works for you if you are getting enough traffic from organic search results. Otherwise you wont be able to earn alot from them. Very good article indeed.
  7. Adsense 6 month restriction is only for Asian countries. They accept Western countries without waiting for 6 months.
  8. Google adsense is good for earning but their approval method is annoying. I my experience, you should get 30 pages of your website indexed on google before applying for adsense.
  9. There minimum payout is very much higher as compared to other PPC advertisement programs. Have you ever been paid by them or can you post any payment proof?
  10. I visited your blog today and it says that your blog has been removed. Well, your blog should be written on one specific topic instead of alot of topics. Just choose one niche and write blog about it.
  11. Very nice information indeed. I would like to add more on it. Your website should be atleast 6 month old and it should have 30 pages indexed on Google search.
  12. Do they show advertising on browsing websites? How can you earn from this webiste? Please explain.
  13. This website is great. We can earn money from there when we follow any one on facebook or twitter. When I saw your thread, I through that they pay by advertising on twitter and facebook account. But they actually pay for following people on different networks. Good website for earning a small amount from home.
  14. This program looks interesting. Is there any payment proof of this program?
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