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  8. iwas not intersted on this site by seeing its clicking rate.Then after i read the total and i think its hard to reach the goal.so from today i am going to regeister and start clicking in this site.
  9. I have the same question .is thew surveys for all all countries are equal rate?
  10. Yes this is a great site .it has a lot of offers to do.Its best thing is this site pays instantly to payapl.I was shocked one day,that i have just ccomplete a offer and then after this is credited to my paypal .so according to me this is a best site.Everyone must join.
  11. i dont understand why peoples are blaming thsi site.This is a good and genuine site.It has a lot of signups to do and it pays for them.i have already earned $7.56 only by doing only sign ups.So i think not listen others words just focus on your work then u get paid as i.
  12. Although it is a good site.But in case the sign up program the same problem happens with me.i dont get new offers on my page.Except this it is a good site.First time when i doing this offers quickly it pays me .According to me it is a best site.
  13. yes i am aactive member in this site.This is a good and genuine paying site.it has a lot of work to do.
  14. I am a active member in rewardinghood .Is it like that site.Do you have ever redeem your money from this site .Plz show it.
  15. Today i have joined this site.Its ptc ads price is low.but overall i am satisfied with this site.I want to know when i request for payout.plz tell me.
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