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  1. You've got cash! Mayur Bora ( mayurbora1990@gmail.com ) just sent you money through Payza. Payment Details Date: May 25, 2012 9:02:15 AM Amount Sent: $4.90 USD Sender Name: Mayur Bora Sender Email: mayurbora1990@gmail.com Reference Number: 89B5B-85A0C-EC1E6 Message: Payout from Digital Money Talk, Enjoy posting at forum!!!
  2. Payment details date: may 8, 2012 10:36:51 AM amount sent: $2.50 USD sender name: mayur bora sender email: mayurbora1990@gmail.com reference number: C78A8-06E95-97031 Message: payout from digital money talk.
  3. This exchangers are the best in Nigeria, they exchange Ap, lr, pm and instaforex. If you go to their website, you will see their rate. I think this is my best exchager and would recommend any Nigeria online earner to do transaction with this exchangers as they are great indeed.
  4. Username: sixteen amount of points: $510 DMT points payment processor: AP ID: justiceanthony7@gmail.com thanks admin and mod
  5. Look and read the rules boy. Once you have make 5post, go to the earning section and post (I DID IT) with your libertyreserve account number and you will be paid off when the admin start to clear payout. I will post in there today inother to earn some extra cents
  6. Yeah you can and its very easy if you will spread out your activity but i guess its nice requesting when you reach 100 post becauuse requesting in 200 post might decrease the amount you would have been paid for each hundred. Remember the admin pays base on quality and the sections we do post
  7. Yeah you re right, thast why for those that dont know forex, they should equip thereself by going to site like babypips.com inorder to gain good knowlegde and start up their activity in here. Now am heading back to school tomorrow and posting here again might be when i have some liesure time.
  8. Well i have received my target and will be heading foward to request for my second cashout and hope to be in line after this payment, the next line payment. Its good to see many active members and i must that this forum is really motivating and we should keep up our good works here.
  9. Thats right, there are many investors already and the admin of this site promoted the hyip very well. Everyone seems to invest here as they have last longer enough and it wont be a bad idea for me to start up here so as to make profit fast enough. Its a nice hyip for sure.
  10. 10 percent daily for 12 days is profitable and with the look of things, they can go up for the first round so i suggest any investor who wishes to invest, should invest now and make a good profit after a life duration of 12days. For me, minimum invest is high for me to afford
  11. Giving out 12 percent after one hour is really telling us that it wont last for a longer period before it can turn scam. I dont see myself risking my money in here and i think i will better skip this one. The plan here is simple and wont stay long.
  12. I agree with you. Its really obvious that they paid off and we can really see that the plan has been changed which means that the used the meduim to attract investors. Am not risking my money here and i think the greedy ones are the one playing this game
  13. Hmm for me i dont think am going to risk a 10 dollar amount for 30 days only to receive 3dollar profit. For sure they programs looks legit and can last very long but the percentage is too low and i dont think it will attract much investors
  14. Yeah thats right, so far i now see some hyip monitoring this one and lets see if they can last up to a number of weeks. The percentage profit is high for it to be sustainable and if we can invest now, we might be lucky to make good profit.
  15. Yeah the design is okay and nice but i dont play hourly game as it tends to be the riskest venture we may find our self into. 2.2 percent hourly for 72 hours is very profitable and the early ones will make good cash here
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