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  1. Paid again From: directadshare@outlook.com Amount: $5.50 id/XCQ8FD-4AC2W7-NH1X3G
  2. Paid instantly again! From: admin@12instantcash.com Amount: $9.22 Id/VKWJ65-NGF23B-FYAA4N
  3. Paid instantly again! From: directadshare@outlook.com Amount: $5.50 id/G48JTZ-H5HLVL-VBZ6GR #NoDrama
  4. Paid instantly again! From: admin@12instantcash.com Amount: $10.18 id/YBV8DE-QGFTVZ-Z16U87 =================== And reinvested! You have sent a payment to admin@12instantcash.com Amount of $80.00 id/FQ74LZ-ESATT8-C39CNZ
  5. Paid instantly some comissions! • From STPay member: instantpay (admin@12instantcash.com) • Transaction Number: 30000231252 • Amount: $9.07 • Currency: USD • Note (if provided): Cashout #4429
  6. Reinvested and paid instantly again ! From: directadshare@outlook.com Amount: $5.50 id/7Z1AZ1-7RA8SK-4WSVFS
  7. Paid instantly again! STP • From STPay member: instantpay (admin@12instantcash.com) • Transaction Number: 30000228635 • Amount: $12.53 • Currency: USD • Note (if provided): Cashout #4426 EGopay From: admin@12instantcash.com Amount: $18.43 id/TS1ULX-KS5R74-BG8VDM
  8. Paid instantly again From: directadshare@outlook.com Amount: $5.50 id/AM9RET-JJR9T1-7B3FG3 #NoDrama
  9. Paid instantly again From: admin@12instantcash.com Amount: $9.22 id/EBG39W-CNHRSJ-E6F1YN
  10. Paid instantly again From: directadshare@outlook.com Amount: $5.50 id/EZ3SL2-YRF6TJ-SBWPXY #NoDrama
  11. Paid instantly again! From: admin@12instantcash.com Amount: $9.26 id/2WL7B7-ZB7XBR-7TR1NE
  12. I'm not the admin http://directadshare.com/?ref=826 We pay you 11% of your membership level to surf 10 sites for 12 days giving you a 132% return for surfing. You MUST surf to get paid everyday. Surf payouts are for PAID members ONLY. Free members will earn to account balance. To earn the daily payout you need purchase a upgrade that ranges from 15.00 to 50,000.00 and you receive 1000 advertising credits with each 15.00 purchase. These ad credits are used to put a URL in our surf monitor for all others to view 24/7 around the world! This is endless advertisng and a great tool for selling and promoting your web sites! The daily payout is used to create a huge member base that will view the surf monitor and we also sell credits for those who just want to promote there web sites. Every one wins and we share the proceeds to all who are upgraded and view the surf monitor. The proceeds are a refund and are in no way a promised or guarantee that you will always earn them so never upgrade for the sole purpose to earn the rebate as with any thing you might not earn your purchase back. That's why you get the 1000 credits as its a win-win situation for all members! There is nothing hidden from our members you know right up front that there are no refunds or disputes allowed you buy at your own risk and you agree to this when you make the purchase. A lot sites fail because they fail to disclose the facts right up front, I have nothing to hide or deceive the members about, I plan on running a long term site with all details laid out so we should never have a problem. I pay if you play and I will deliver fast payouts to all! Why waste your funds elsewhere to admins that hand you a pack of lies? I am here and will have live support on site for every one to chat with no need for a facebook or Skype account! Thank you for reading the full details and lets all promote and earn! Max membership level $50,000.00 We give both free and paid members daily payouts for their referral's upgrades. The referral levels are paid in 3 percenatges with level 1 paying 11% and level 2 shall disperse 3% and the 3rd level will pay 1% and these are paid on every spend your downlines purchase. Remember to setup all pay accounts for referral earnings. If a user upgrades using Solid Trust Pay you will get payout to Solid Trust Pay instant. If you do not have your info setup payments will go into account balance and those funds revert back in to the sites proceeds and will not be paid once they go to your account balance. We do not allow SPAMMING! http://directadshare.com/?ref=826 Paying! Paid instantly again From: directadshare@outlook.com Amount: $5.50 id/CESE7H-J4JYRZ-4EYYTH
  13. Paid instantly again From: admin@12instantcash.com Amount: $9.22 id/1LKVJS-5U6HM5-NF9LC5
  14. Ref comission paid instantly ! • From STPay member: instantpay (admin@12instantcash.com) • Transaction Number: 30000197188 • Amount: $4.80 • Currency: USD • Note (if provided): Cashout #4329
  15. Paid instantly again! From: admin@12instantcash.com Amount: $9.22 d/1KFTJQ-33QHWL-9XSD75
  16. Register in the link at first post, buy one investment package and surf 10 pages everyday. You will get back 11% daily for 12 days from your investment.
  17. Paid instantly again From: admin@12instantcash.com Amount: $9.22 id/PHPBFX-Y2L5F3-JM3M89
  18. Paid again! From: admin@12instantcash.com Amount: $9.36 id/SJPRRV-D11PTT-FTJFPY ===== From: admin@12instantcash.com Amount: $9.22 id/WFHZCJ-MJZW8N-A13MJZ
  19. Second instantly payout! From: admin@12instantcash.com Amount: $9.22 ID:8VP1DN-TAXW51-WE5LGZ
  20. Got my first payout instantly! Egopay From: admin@12instantcash.com Amount: $9.22 ID:PYVTLZ-2BMMXX-W4UNUQ
  21. The site is back i starting today. The admin sent me one mail Invested $80 here! You have sent a payment to admin@12instantcash.com Amount of $80.00 ID:HWMQMK-7ATV15-LZHXNH IT'S TIME!
  22. I'm not the admin http://unicorn-invest.net/?ref=Incredible Welcome to Unicorn Invest! Please take sufficient time to thoroughly inform yourself about our programme before you register – no matter whether you found your way to us by recommendation, through personal research via search engine or found us coincidentally on the Internet. Dear friends, you are welcome to our official website. Our Company's analysts have developed and tried out a unique strategy and tactics of the currency and stock markets trade. Our strategy is an effective set of rules which allows making rational exchange transactions. Even more, clearly formulated trading strategy helps to minimize losses and to calculate possible profit from Forex trading and trading at the exchange platforms. Our experts base their trading on the basic principles: well-selected risk management, trading systems tried through practice, usage of the real thread-specific data which is accepted on-line from the trading platforms, analysis of different data and official reports, which are delivered at special recourses, original indicator, well-thought-out trading plan and tested strategies usage. We put the main focus of transactions on intraday trading, but with the gradual transition to the medium-term and investment purposes. And not only technical trading is offered; fundamental data is also widely used. Instant Payments SSL Secured 24/7 Live Support DDoS Protected No hidden fee Verified EPS accounts Multi-Language http://unicorn-invest.net/?ref=Incredible
  23. I'm not the admin https://www.12instantcash.com/?ref=Incredible Profitable Investment We deliver high, risk adjusted returns on our members' investment over 12 short days. Invest with 12instantcash to get your money working. Instant Payout 24/7 Receive your investment interest anytime you want it. You don't have to wait to get paid. Your money is readily available at the click of a button. Solid Infrastructure We use licensed superior script. Strong and Powerful server. DDoS Protected. Your fund is highly secured. 12 Instant Cash Get instant cash daily Invest Your Money With The Experts Returns 12% For 12 Days • 144% In Just 12 Days Get Paid Instantly - 4% Cashout Fee 5% Referral Commission https://www.12instantcash.com/?ref=Incredible
  24. Got my first payout! From STPay member email: uniprofitads@gmail.com From STPay username: micro-ads Transaction ID Number: 276440981 Amount: 10 Details (if provided): Transfer To incredible
  25. http://www.uniprofitads.com/?ref=Incredible UniProfitAds is a unique solution for advertisers and entrepreneurs. You'll earn a stable rebate of up to 2.50% daily (Monday- Friday) and 1.25% (Weekends) on each ad pack you purchase until your Ad packs have received a total 150% in rebate earnings before it expires. - Start Making Money With Only $10 - No Sponsoring Required - View Only 5 Ads to Earn - Get Paid Every Day - Sustainable Long Term Plan - Earn 15% Commissions 2 Levels - Outstanding Support (Direct with me, the Admin) - SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney & Egopay Accepted Get Ready to Something HUGE! http://www.UniProfitAds.com Skype: GoldBlackwell E-mail: support@uniprofitads.com Got Questions? Post your questions and doubts here or use Skype. I will be working 12 hours a day in this project. http://www.uniprofitads.com/?ref=Incredible
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