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Any good cloud server provider?

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In today’s time, it is very necessary to choose a good Web Hosting Service. Especially if you are starting a new website and do not have much technical knowledge. So I am sharing with you some of the points that will help you to choose a good web hosting service

1.Check Review :

The most basic but important factor is reviews of the Hosting. You can read the reviews on the Hosting company’s site or on independent sites also review the hosting services of various companies like Techradar or Pcmag

2. Uptime :

Uptime means a time for which your site is up and running on the web. So if uptime is 99%, it means that throughout the day, 99% of the time, your site was functioning perfectly. You should choose a hosting company whose uptime is at least 99.5%.

3. Payment :

Cost efficiency of any service is also an important factor. To compare packages of all the hosting companies whom you are considering on the initial levels. It is not necessary that if a service is costly, it provides the best service or a company is charging less, meaning their service will be poor. So check the price and services of the companies thoroughly.

4. Support:

A company’s customer service also becomes crucial if you do not have excessive technical knowledge. Nowadays, many companies run 24x7 helplines on their site to help customers. Choose a company that is quick in response and can solve your problems at the earliest. You can take the help of the reviews for that.

5. Data Backup:

There are several hosting providers, among them provides free regular data backup of your website. Thus it helps in restoration in any case of hard drive failures. Therefore, you should consider this factor before opting for a web hosting company.

6. Bandwidth & Traffic:

It is also known as Data Transfer. It means the amount of data can be downloaded from your site. Check out the amount of bandwidth a hosting provider is giving and what are the charges

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