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New iPhone 13

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My 11 iPhone fell from the 8th floor and crashed very badly.

Когда НЕТ СМЫСЛА ремонтировать - iPhone 11 Pro Max - YouTube

I would like to sell my iphone 11, but I don't know who would want to buy it. I contacted here https://gadgetpickup.com/product/iphone-11/  but I doubt they will be able to help me. Although the phone is functioning fine and I will put a small price on it. 
At least I have a reason to buy a new iphone 13 as it is really good 

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I'm sorry you smashed your new iPhone. I'm sure you can get it repaired. To reduce the likelihood of a new breakdown, I would advise you to buy a high-quality and reliable cover. If you are wondering what covers really well protect the phone screen when falling due to the so-called bumper, then here you can  find out  more about it. I changed the touchscreen on my iPhone 10 several times, and only after purchasing such a phone case and a protective film on the screen of my device, I was able to completely get rid of the problems with a broken screen and scratches on the back cover.

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