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Start: December, 16 2020



Tradingfund.co is an international company officially registered as "Tradingfund.co" the company registration number 11501478 in the UK companies. Tradingfund.co Ltd is a highly expertise company which dealst funds in Bitcoin Mining and Crypto Currency Trading.
Also you will able to earn 0.5%~10% commission if you referral others,it's good chance to build your team and create your passive income hourly.Cryptocurrency it's generate higher profit than forex,we make tripple or more profit than forex,all you need to do is make investment and earn hourly also withdraw instantly,it's win-win soultion for both of Tradingfund.co and our investor.

Investment plans:

125% After 1 Day
160% After 2 Days
180% After 2 Hours

Min deposit: 10$

Max deposit: $10000

Refferal: Up to 10%

Pay. systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin

Gold Coders Script

DDOS Protection

Check and register

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