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Cheap VPS hosting services ?


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I appreciate skills and friendly approach of customer support of Libertyvps.net provider. The service is exceptional and can not be compared with others. I occasionally need some tech support on my server. Someone is always there, responds well to my concerns and I've been able to resolve my issues quickly and completely.

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For those webmasters, who are looking for reliable SSD VPS Hosting, Hostforweb.com is the BEST Solution.

HostForWeb, Inc is New York's premier hosting provider, providing reliable, scalable solutions for customers of all sizes and services. We started this company with one goal in mind: to provide reliable hosting solutions paired with excellent customer service.

CHECK OUT Hostforweb SSD VPS – Linux Virtual Private Servers :

Storage - 100GB SSD
Bandwidth - 2TB
Price per month - $39.95 On sale — Save 30%

Storage - 120GB SSD
Bandwidth - 4TB
Price per month - $59.95 On sale — Save 30%

Storage - 150GB SSD
Bandwidth - 6TB
Price per month - $79.95 On sale — Save 30%

Storage - 200GB SSD
Bandwidth - 8TB
Price per month - $99.95 On sale — Save 30%


  • Powerful Hardware - Most powerful platform for VPS
  • Free cPanel/WHM - Best control panel installed
  • Pure SSD Storage - 100% SSD powered hosting
  • Security First - Optimized and hardened setup
  • VPS Manager - Analyze, Reboot, Manage VPS
  • WordPress, Joomla, more - Optimized for WP and other APPS
  • Backups Included - Unlike others, restore is free
  • 30-Day Money Back - No questions asked
  • True Managed Hosting - Others Charge, We Don't
  • 2 IPs Free - Up-to 16 IPs available

Contact information:
Mailing/Remittance Address: HostForWeb, 56 Leonard Street Suite 21A-East, New York, NY 10013
For more contact details, visit: https://www.hostforweb.com/support/support.php

With HostForWeb's web hosting services, you’ll have industry leading performance, security, capability and fault tolerance working for you. We know you deserve the best for your hosting, so why not pick us?

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  • Admin changed the title to VPS to buy - scalahosting.com Or luxhosting.lu

I'm looking for VPS Windows which has high accurate IP to buy (any country, India IP is preferred).
So any providers can check IPs of their servers for me? What web hosts can you recommend me to look at?
What are your views on hostnamaste.com KVM VPS hosting solutions? Are they reliable?

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Nice offshore vps deals offered by warez-host.com experts. The uptime is excellent, their promise of 99.9% is correct.

Overall reliability is great, the control panel is easy to use, and useful, things work the way they say they will - basically impressed with these guys.

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QHoster.com and luxhosting.lu VPS plans are worth every cent you pay for their services.

Everything has impressed me:
- great network and server uptime,
- perfect and useful scripts as well as tools,
- helpful, professional customer support, etc..


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I think that being concentrated on the location might not help you to get the best deal.

Better to concentrate you efforts on the connection speed and do not pay attention at location .

I would recommend you to test those 2 providers: hostingsource.com, qhoster.com.

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