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Im not admin,

About Us,

At Boss Cashout we are professionals handling our investor’s money, mostly the ones that don’t want the hassle associated with buying and selling foreign stock including crypto currencies.

We had achieved $70MM in Revenue in 2017, projecting at 120MM in 2018. We are looking for additional Investors to take part in our program. bosscashout.icu has averaged 15.8% IRR the last 5 years & we are working towards our future developments thus increasing our profit-sharing ratio.

We provide stable returns to our investors irrelevant to if we make profits or losses in that specific day. The profits since the past 12 years have been substantial and our graph shows an increasing rate towards our future goals including capital and development.
Our platform offers well sourced and reliable investment opportunity where investors can deposit without fear and earn profits without any stress regarding the current market conditions. We have professionals to handle that for you.


Invest plans:
- 135%-185% After 10 Minute 
- 200%-225% After 20 Minute 
- 270%-330% After 2 Hours

Invest amount:
- Minimal $5
- Maximal $5000

Payment accepted:
- Perfectmoney
- Payeer
- Bitcoin
- Ethereum

Referral commission: Upto 5%

Program Features:
- GC HYIP Script
- SSL Certificated by COMODO RSA
- Secure DDOS Protection Hosting
- Instant Withdrawal

Join Here - Boss Cashout -

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