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In my experience mobile app designing process go through many steps like,

1) Goal Defining 

- What is the purpose of mobile app whether its selling product or selling service, Who will going to use it, what is their demographical status, age group this are thing considered when you defining goal. Should have clear idea of your app. Then after you will be able to create unique & extraordinary user & cost friendly mobile app.

2)Wireframe & Prototype

-This the second most important step where you draw the visual of your UI to get an idea about what going to look like does it need any improvement. What are the menu , button, pages how it will looks like.


-The first impression is the last impression same rule apply here If your font types doest match with your UI then user will not stay on your website for long period they came on your site and closed it and move to other website. Typography play an vital role in app designing.

4) Testing

- The last stage of app designing process is testing the app design how it looks? Does it works proper? Does it user friendly? 


This are the measure  are taken into account when designing a mobile app.  

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Designs of mobile app are crucial parts, because it plays vital role in the all over success of mobile/web and software application. I have been into design and development for 5 years now ,and have worked with international projects with teams and sometimes individually, where I found the key ingredients for authentic process of mobile app design to leverage into design phase of mobile apps, even we can utilise this roadmap into software and web app design as well.

Let's get started.

As @bathosborne described in the question, we have to start with the defining goal of design and developing mobile apps, only that basis will be able to determine a perfect mockups and wireframes as foundational start of designing mobile apps, although after defined GOAL we can research for some inspiration over Globe, because there are already a lots of app that have the same Goal as you, just different solution from your one, that they are providing.

After the defining Goal, will be ready with the initials design, and now we can focus on User Experience to enhance the interactions of consumers and their contribution of mobile app success.

Following are the prospects that individual UI/UX designers always keep in mind while working on designing aspects.

  • Planning - for flawless process of working on project.
  • Specific Industry Analysis - This steps help to understand about the features and requirements.
  • Identification - To eliminate unnecessary steps that became roadbreakers.
  • Getting Ready the Product - After working on all of the above, we will ready with the 1st prototype to understand loopholes and fixed all of them ASAP.
  • Handing over to Developers - This is the last step, where we handover all the designs to the developer to develop backend support for better user experience.

These above are the key considerations that I have followed for my previous projects, following now too, and follow this pattern only to work efficiently.

Let me know if you have any other questions regards to mobile app design and development.

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I want to add some info:

1. The app that works for your business. With MyOxygen any time it becomes app that works the best for you. This is a definite conclusion: all internal team of company needs to be confident in software  and app development.

2.  Scalable and modular app. We should not leave behind all the required number of years, which are not easy to increase. The company should use only advanced technologies that can be expanded for the entire current product cycle.

3. The best framework for your product. Native, Xamarin, React Native or Google Flutter -  the best platform for your apps. The company have to try to minimize the threat.

4. The company will definitely help you The team have to make apps for specific platforms. Whether it's iOS, Android, web portals, Bluetooth adoption or API integration development, they're here to help.
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Prior to WooCommerce 2.1, this issue could not be fixed as every order had to be sent utilizing a solo shipping method with an average cost. I had software development shop for them. However, from 2.1 onwards, those purchases can be divided and grouped separately as different packages and can be shipped individually using different shipping methods. These factors can be created by a wide range of understanding of purchases, such as product seller, product category, pricing, and so on.

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