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ArBinance  a new trading platform electronic money, Providing best trading functionality in 1 click. Offer per each transaction, the average transaction order gives investors 1% interest per transaction of about 4 hours. After  L7 Trade  , this is a similar project to be more sophisticated investors. The project is expected X2 your account within 30 days



- Start: 10/09/2019

- Accept payments through: BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH, BCH

- Security: Secure Server Extended Validation Sectigo RSA CA

- Interest paid: Every day maximum realizable 4-5 trade orders, equivalent to 4-5% interest per day

- Payment: Manual

- withdrawal fee: 10%


  • There are two types of trade: Auto (Best Offer) or Manual (Manual search)
  • Each automated trade order in ArBinance profit from 0.5% to 1.6% per order (Depending on each pair of coin you choose)
  • Exchange fees less than 40% of total profits
  • Your actual earnings per trade orders reach 1%
  • Time trade less than 240 minutes (4 hours) each command, with countdown
  • Each day a maximum realizable 4-5 trade orders, equivalent to 4-5% interest per day
  • Withdrawal charge of 10% (anti-state purposes dep brief account it fell)
  • In particular, you can choose to trade any currency pairs and interest still rules the dollar will then return the assets you've loaded and holding.



 It can x2 your account if you work hard

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I saw this project back on 29th August but didn't think much about it as the design is simple but when i registered on the 1st of September i saw the back office to be wonderful
After 3 weeks of watching i decided to invest 0.1 btc and made many trades as well
I was paid really fast too :)

Deposit batch - 

0.1 BTC
2019-09-19 12:06:28

Payment batch - 

0.00346425 BTC
2019-09-21 07:21:26

0.00188591 BTC
2019-09-22 07:44:29

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Dear ArBinance Members,
It was very challenging time for all of Us! We worked very hard to save our platform after all this happened.
We did everything we could to not leave you guys. We still hope you will not leave Us.
ArBinance is finally BACK!
You can TRADE
You can do everything what you used to do.

On your DASHBOARD you will find Missing Deposits BUTTON.
Please follow the instruction in order to get your missing deposit back.

We know time is money and you lost trading profits and commissions.
We want to compensate you all this loose!
You will get 20% BONUS to your assets! We will pay you 1% daily extra to your available assets for 20 days!
All bonuses will start to credit in 24 hours.

In the next days we are planing to add another new features!
Stay Tuned!



 It can x2 your account if you work hard

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