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How I Turned a Losing Trade to a Winning Trade.


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When i trade, i would usually have 2 take profit targets.

So that when take profit 1 is hit. Which is marked by the purple line. I would have taken my first profit off and shifted my stoploss for position 2 to break even.

By doing so, i am also on the “SAFE” side. As price may hit Take profit 1 and reverse back down.

And as i have taken profit a TP1, my 2nd position’s stoploss is shifted to breakeven.

So i am in a FREE trade.

So whether or not it may hit TP2. I have already gotten profits.

In this scenario, i have taken profit at TP1 and my 2nd position has hit my stoploss for breakeven.

So i’m out for this trade.

From this scenario you can see that i am not always perfect.

No one is.

By trading on the above method, we are sure that our account size will grow consistently.

Forex Trading Strategies – How I Turned a Losing Trade to a Winning Trade

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I still hear a lot of people talk about how they turned a losing to a winning trade and I feel it's one of the things that is also difficult to do because personally, when I tried it, I lost more. Perhaps, because I wanted to revenge immediately and it led me to that which I would have avoided. Turning a losing trade to a winning one isn't always easy and not that which can easily be overcome. It requires some degree of skills to do so.

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