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  1. Hello everyone, We are here to give an overview of a new unique project called Edufex. Edufex provides exciting and attractive offers for everyone. Edufex is a blockchain-based e-learning online platform. It offers multiple courses on various subjects, video tutorials, assessments, online teachers support, blockchain certification for your career development and opportunities. Edufex curbs LMS and traditional education systems; Therefore, it designed a blockchain-based learning management system. It lays out a secure foundation of e-learning and eliminates all limitations to give customers a reliable, qualitative, geographic and linguistic barrier-free starting point of e-learning. The concept of paying tokens to teachers upon completing their service to learners exposed Edufex differently within the industry. Edufex encourages worldwide information on digital screens simultaneously, saving time, effort, travel costs and overseas living expenses. Admission to universally accepted certifications, degrees, and teachers' access to teachers improves E-learning extensions in the Edufex blockchain-based learning management system. Students, as well as instructors, have equal freedom on our platform. Teachers can earn tokens upon completion of the course. 8+ partner-university affiliates, 20000+ students and 1019+ teachers Edufex offers online courses and degrees with top international universities and specialist organizations. Since we launched in 2020, we have run hundreds of courses on a wide variety of subjects, which have attracted over seven million learners from all over the world. If you are interested in becoming a partner, we are always happy to talk. World-leading educational institutions are known for their teaching and research in various fields. Token information Ticker EDUX Platform PANCAKESWAP Token Type BEP-20 2021{Quarter 3} -Blockchain certification on Binance smart chain -50,000 students portal registration -Listing on a decentralized exchange -Implementing certification process to students 2021{Quarter 4} -Airdrop & Bounty Token Distribution -70,000 student portal registration -Token Listing on Centralized Exchange -AI-Based Exam 2022 {Quarter 1} -100,000 students portal registration -1000 Courses -20 University collaboration FACEBOOK- https://www.facebook.com/EdufexOfficial TWITTER- https://twitter.com/EdufexOfficial INSTAGRAM- https://www.instagram.com/edufexofficial/ TELEGRAM- https://t.me/EdufexOfficial LINKEDIN- https://www.linkedin.com/company/edufex GITHUB- https://github.com/Edufexofficial MEDIUM- https://edufex.medium.com/
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