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  1. quick profits are a fickle thing, so don't rely on it too much
  2. it all depends on which broker you are going to work with, for this I advise you to invest with Amarkets, an excellent and most importantly - a reliable option with which you will not have any problems in your work
  3. in fact, there are not so many such traders as for me, although here it is already possible to classify in different ways
  4. the one who has identified for himself such a broker whom he trusts is a great fellow, because some spend a lot of time on this
  5. in fact, such a list can be much more, just some brokers for some reason do not get here
  6. you need to look not only for a reliable option, but also for one with which it will be convenient for you to work
  7. the work of the supports can affect your results in general too much, that's why I chose Amarkets for myself, they like the excellent response of the supports and managers, they work well
  8. all the same, this aspect has no place in the work of a trader, as for me
  9. Confidence should be in any work, because without it you will simply make the wrong decisions that you should
  10. I completely agree, and not only in Forex, there is no place for greed at all in life
  11. well, there will already be a more convenient and suitable option for each
  12. Of all the demo options, I like the most from Amarkets, excellent functionality, and then it's easy to switch to real
  13. losses should always be minimized, no matter what you do
  14. all the same, the topic sounds more than advertising than something useful
  15. everything is in comparison, because what is easy for one person is completely incomprehensible to another
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