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  1. Indeed. Even if brokers say that it does, don't trust them, that is not what happens. Regulators have issues with that constantly.
  2. Training, discipline, confidence, having a proper broker, all these factors matter.
  3. True. The forex industry seems especially risky in comparison to some others though.
  4. I think those are generally the best conditions for scalping.
  5. Most people usually lose money. The ones who are profiting and profiting regularly are the exceptions, not the rule.
  6. Usually, one can start with a simple cent or a micro account once they're done trading on demo.
  7. I agree. Building a strategy from scratch requires a lot of knowledge, experience and testing.
  8. I just use a local broker from my country.
  9. I agree. It is important to do good research into the company you wish to use. Check their regulation, their trading conditions, whatever fees they charge, etc. It is important to be aware of all of these things in order to avoid getting scammed, which happens often in this industry , as there are many bucketshops operating on the market.
  10. I think one should only trade when they have a good strategy and are seeing a good signal according to said strategy.
  11. Brokers are regulated by government agencies enforcing the existing laws.
  12. I think everyone but the newbies understand that.
  13. High leverage is something to be avoided, I think. While at first it seems useful, the truth is that people lose more than they profit with high leverage because they lose at a much faster rate. That has prompted regulators all over the world to ban high leverage.
  14. What about working with them changed your attitude?
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