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  1. Snapshot wil be taken in approx. 1 week. Holding 100K - 250K = 20k Airdrop Holding 250K - 500K = 30k Airdrop Holding 500K - 1 mil = 40k Airdrop Holding 1 mil or more = 50K Airdrop. You will receive your first 50% in the week after the announcement, the other 50% the week after.
  2. Get a step-by-step guide of social media marketing and plan your business marketing on social media. #Edufex #lms #onlinelearning #cryptocurrency #blockchaintechnology #covid #virtuallearning #online #onlinecourses #remotelearning
  3. Vidiachange Big news The Vidiachange #yield-farming project is launched #Farming pool already open from our official website
  4. Defi City gamified yield farming explained Watch the video in our Twitter
  5. Good News The #agricultural (@farming) program will be launched in 6 days The countdown has started on the site Get ready to participate in our Modern #Farms Promotion Program to Make Maximum Profit Stay tuned @VIDIACHANGE
  6. Rewards Bucket #2 56% to reward hodlrs on #egem @ETHERGEMCOIN Contract balance still 741k! Don’t forget bnb contract launches very soon Stay posted
  7. NFT Tech showcases their upcoming “Amazon for NFTs” marketplace. The #NFT Tech platform has been carefully designed to provide a frictionless #UX experience for both experienced #cryptocurrency enthusiasts and newcomers alike. $NFTT
  8. GDT 3000 New day new chance Today at 6 pm UTC we offer a „GTD 3000$” (for our newbies: this means a guaranteed price pot of 3000$) Make your bets
  9. We are happy to inform you that we could inspire another big investor for DefiCtiy, who share our vision. @DefiCityApp @NewTribeCapital Stay tuned! More to comeClosed mailbox with raised flag $DFC #DeFi #Gaming #NFT
  10. Have you seen the $BU #price rising? The last known price of BUMO is $0,00413085 #USD.
  11. To the DeFi-City Community, More booster packs are on the way, and we think they're hot!! Stay on the lookout for teasers showcasing the new booster packs soon!
  12. $BU Orbits consists of two layers: #Mainchain and #ChildChain. This two layers composed of: #Nomination #Verificationnodes
  13. $ZEN is now on Coingecko. To show your support, please click the Medium starsymbol Red heart Right-pointing triangle All the statistics will go live once the IDO/IEO is ended and $ZEN listed on exchanges. Trophy Stay tuned for upcoming news #NFT #ZEN #Defi #Blockchain #Bitcoin
  14. While we work towards the launch of our beta app, our $VTX - $ETH LP mining continues to give stable and attractive rewards.
  15. @YellowRoad__ Announce Lock of Liquidity Worth $1.5M For 6 Months. To present our commitment to the project we decided to lock 100% of the liquidity for a period of 6 months.
  16. We are the first REBASE that burn supply in every TX and also introduce japanese NFTs in the ecosystem. Also we provide the BIGGEST APY of all Rebase protocols. Start staking today! If you have questions join our telegram group @BasixProtocol $BASIX $BASX
  17. The reinsurance industry has always been archaic and rigid to all innovation. At UnoRe, we will revolutionize this industry and give the #innovators a chance to build their community. $UNO #Insurtech #DeIn #Reinsurance
  18. The reinsurance industry has always been archaic and rigid to all innovation. At UnoRe, we will revolutionize this industry and give the #innovators a chance to build their community. $UNO #Insurtech #DeIn #Reinsurance
  19. Working hard prepairing our NFT platform and marketplace! Lot of things to come for BASIX this year! Basix the first deflationary protocol that introduce his own NFT marketplace with Japanese manga artists suporting it! #manga #anime #japan $BASIX $BASX
  20. $VTX Token Lending & Borrowing Markets Enabled on @defipiepie The community can now use $VTX as collateral to borrow various assets! Truly #DeFiCrescent moonPartying faceParty popper
  21. Reinsurance is a highly exclusive industry that is unwelcoming to retail #investors. #UnoRe will flip the paradigm and open this market to the entire #crypto communityFlexed biceps $UNO #risktrading #DeFi #reinsurer
  22. 3 Heroes unique version is finished!! We are working with the NFT platform code, next nft and gaming introduction! All will be detailed in whitepaper! $BASX $BASIX #nft #manga #anime #nfts #crypto #cryptocurrency #eth #Ethereum #dogecoin @elonmusk @SnoopDogg @dogecoin
  23. NFT Tech is thrilled to announce that it has fully finalized its private sale fundraising rounds, onboarding key strategic partners who share a common vision for the future of the NFT marketplace. $NFTT #NFT
  24. #BUMO is a network of absolute trust between users, which is built on the basis of the #InternetofThings (#IOT), #blockchain, and #smartcontracts. With BUMO, you can easily automate your business as well as #digitalize assets.
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