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  1. I am at loss concerning the critisms trailing trading robots.I just wish that somebody can give out some of these so called robots to forex lovers to try for free,because some inventors boast that the robots knows when the market is not favourable and witjdraws.I am in search of somebody who can give me a forex trading robots to try for free like a good friend did sometime ago.I lost the opportunity to try out that robot and the young man is out of my Country
  2. Forex trading is acknowledged World wide as a money spinner but people especially white collar workers do not have the time to trade.I have heard of trading robots which is a good idea but there is these bias against Trading robots that it loses big time during trading,bring colossal loss to the owners.When I hear of Forex trading robots,am scared more I have been scammed once.My soul longs to have a good Forex trading robots but am yet to see a high performing or excellent performing one.I stand to be corrected though
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