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  1. I'm looking to open a live account. Any recommendation on Australian regulated brokers? I've read reviews on several brokers like FP Markets, IC, AXI, pepperstone, etc. All seem to be ECN brokers and have similar conditions. Any recommendations on which broker is better based on personal experience?
  2. How do I know when is the best time to become a trader, and what are the criteria a trader needs to master before entering into live trade?
  3. Try FP Markets, their spreads are really tighter, starting from 0.0pips and no issues with spreads widening even during high volatile market movement. They are regulated by ASIC and CYSEC and are in the business of forex for over 15 years, and hold on to a good reputation.
  4. Do not rush into live trading without proper demo trading experience and knowledge. It is better to trade with brokers like FP Markets, CMC or any other regulated broker that are reputable than using an unregulated scammer broker.
  5. Leverage is not bad if you are aware of how to use them, and it is better always to use lower leverage to control losses. I trade with FP Markets using their 1:30 lower leverage, and the broker provides micro-lots at 0.0 pipis which is another advantage for me.
  6. Due to lack of education, many traders and mostly beginners fail to make consistent profits. They treat trading like gambling and predict without a proper strategy, which later blows their accounts.
  7. Why is it important to use an indicator, and how many indicators should a trader use for live trading?
  8. I mostly trade with major currency pairs, and I currently use two pairs, the EURUSD and JPYUSD, since they are highly volatile. And with my broker FP Markets, I can trade using high volatile pairs because their spreads are stable when the market is highly volatile, even during news events
  9. The best way would be to research the brokers, trade using the brokers' demo accounts, read reviews, and check their customer service and trading conditions.
  10. How can a trader know the broker that is used is in best condition for scalping?
  11. Any platform is good to use whether its the MT4 or MT5. It just depends on the trader and which type of trade method you are ready to use.
  12. I'm a beginner in forex currently trading with an ASIC broker FP Markets. I've been trading with them for a few months, and they offer some of the tightest spreads starting at 0 pips during most parts of my trade.
  13. Is there a strategy in forex to trade without any loss in forex, or does it depend on the trading method?
  14. How can a beginner trader avoid loss when trading in forex?
  15. There are a couple of brokers like FP Markets and XM that offer minimum opening balance, so it is better to trade with those brokers than with ones that want you to trade for $200 or more.
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