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  1. For investment, forex is a pretty good option. It also requires certain knowledge and skills, but can bring quite good profit.
  2. From my experience, I can say that a normal company simply does not get on this list.
  3. In my opinion, these are really important aspects for the work. In general, everyone, of course, draws conclusions on his preferences, but the overall picture is about that.
  4. I can only say that those who think so will in the end simply get such a result, after which they will draw conclusions.
  5. Now the most important thing when choosing a broker is to pay attention to the reliability of the broker. As for me, this is really a key indicator when choosing a company for work.
  6. Demo trading is the most important aspect for a beginner. As for me, this is a really necessary stage in order to get positive results.
  7. For work, cryptocurrency is a rather interesting option, but also requires a certain amount of skills and knowledge.
  8. I believe that you really need to work with one broker that you trust. This option will be the most reliable.
  9. Honestly, this is far from the most important indicator. During my work in this industry, I have repeatedly made sure that not only new companies are deceiving.
  10. I would advise starting with a small amount, especially for beginners. When I started working with a broker from Amarkets, I started working with the minimum possible amount of $100, and this option seemed great to me.
  11. The most important thing to pay attention to the newcomer is the demo mode. When I started working with a broker from Amarkets, I paid as much attention as possible to training on a demo account.
  12. The best, and most working option for earning is to work with experience and knowledge. So earn a lot more chances.
  13. Starting with a small amount is the most working option, especially for a beginner. For example, I started with a broker with Amarkets with a minimum amount of $100. As for me, now this is the most optimal option.
  14. As for me, these are quite working options for trading, which may well bring positive results.
  15. I believe that for a demo trader, the mode is a really important aspect. With the right approach, this is the best option for learning.
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