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  1. I would still advise looking for another strategy, or choosing a company to work with that strategy.
  2. For earnings, forex is far from a simple option. Do not build empty hopes.
  3. In fact, everyone can start working, but making a profit is already in question.
  4. From my experience, I can say that each system is good in its own way, but it will be as difficult as possible to distinguish the best.
  5. There is no definite instruction on how to be profitable in trading. This is the imagination field of the trader himself.
  6. Usually newcomers think that now they can immediately make a lot of money. For some reason, they do not want to understand that this is not always the case.
  7. I would advise you to be careful with advice, because I am not always sure of the competence of the one who advises.
  8. I have been working with a broker from ExpertOption for a long time, and so far I consider this option to be the best for work. As for me, the working conditions are really great.
  9. Choosing a broker is a really important process for a trader. For example, when I chose a broker for work, I spent quite a lot of time on it and chose a broker from the company ExpertOption.
  10. In fact, in the market, everyone can both earn and vice versa - lose money.
  11. Frankly, this question when choosing a broker for work is not particularly important to me. As for me, the main thing is that the broker has the opportunity to work with the main couples.
  12. Training and once again training. The more knowledge and practice the trader has, the more chances of success.
  13. I would advise beginners to simply take less risks from the very beginning, because at the beginning they have not so much experience.
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