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  1. I trade with FP Markets currently. They have a robust trading condition, and the spreads are surprisingly tighter and stable even when market situations are highly volatile.
  2. As a beginner, I suggest trying most major pairs in the demo account to find the best suitable one. The EURUSD is mostly used; it is also better to have an alternate pair, So it's better to trade with as many possible currency pairs.
  3. Starting with small capital is suitable for beginners because the money and risk involved are lower than the other accounts.
  4. I trade with an old broker, FP Markets, and I have not faced any issues like being deceived or anything. FP Markets have been active for over a decade, and I've been trading with them for nine months and did not face any issues like spreads widening or servers freezing.
  5. Leverage has its advantage and disadvantage because using leverage can bring in profit and also bring in higher loss depending on which leverage you are using.
  6. Traders that lack education tends to gamble using scalping and end up blowing their account. This is why traders need to gain enough knowledge about forex before trading.
  7. I prefer scalping method because it is one of the easiest ways to earn quick cash but also risky, and I can end up blowing up my account. This is why it is important to trade with a proper broker like FP Markets or any other ecn pricing brokers.
  8. There are several brokers these days offering free demo account to trade. I used to trade using FP Markets demo account because they had several training methods like E-books and videos for in-depth technical and fundamental analysis.
  9. I trade with EURUSD since it's the most volatile pair in forex and most popular pair as well, looking at the current stats USD is still higher than EUR, any thoughts on it?
  10. I've been trading with FP Markets for eight months, so far the experience has been good, tight spread and slippage is lower. There are no spread widening issues it is stable even during high market news and withdrawals have been smooth.
  11. In forex, trading spreads is the difference between the buy price and the selling price quoted.
  12. I personally recommend FP Markets; the trading conditions are good and the spreads in FP are lower as well, starting from 0.0 pips with faster execution. It is an ASIC regulated broker, along with that they also have an offshore licence with St.Vincent so we can be immune to leverage changes.
  13. I would recommend FP Markets, its an ASIC regulated broker that can be reliable. I started with a deposit as low as $100. Their trading conditions are some of the best too, their spreads start from low as 0.0 pips and execution speed is less than 40ms as their servers are located directly in NY4 Equinix server.
  14. I have a Live account with FP Markets, The actual on-boarding was straightforward took me a few mins in total. Once I uploaded the required documents, my trading account was active in less than a day, Their customer support team was really helpful as well when I had some clarifications with the ID proof that was required.
  15. Trading with FP Markets for a year and the experince has been good so far, spreads are lower and commission charges are lower as well when compared to other brokers. FP Markets also offers free access to premium subscriptions like Autochartist and Traders tools free for all of their live clients. Definitely a advantage for regular traders
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