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  1. The official Binance wallet, Trust Wallet, has begun distributing tokens for referrals. To receive 100 TWT tokens, you must: 1. Follow the referral link (you won’t get tokens without it) and install the wallet: https://share.trustwallet.com/NjvlxB 2. Register a new wallet 3. Invite referrals (Settings ➡ Invite a friend). For each referral you also get 100 TWT. Binance TWT listing expected soon, therefore, hurry Official website: trustwallet.com
  2. Or the story of how you lost 300 bucks because of your laziness... There are two reasons: 1. There are many questions from those who want to earn money and do something for this; 2. There are many questions from those who want to earn money, but still have not learned to read apparently. BE SURE TO READ THE ARTICLE TO THE END! We are talking about the Coinsbit cryptocurrency exchange. Yes, yes, you already heard about it, but you didn’t do anything. So don’t miss the chance to get $300+ now.. Especially without attachments Let's not be verbose - take a lo
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