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  1. I don't know what else to say than that I can recommend QHoster.com to everyone wanting cheap and easy hosting. You will be very pleased. Initial site up in hours, all support queries are responded to extremely quickly, easy control panel for a novice.
  2. I wanted something that was easy to manage so I asked around among my friends and a lot of them recommended Exmasters.com VPS hosting so I decided to give them a try. Thank you friends! Ok, I don't have anything to compare with but I was pleasantly surprised nevertheless.
  3. I like Tzulo.com web hosting so far. It's cheap and provide good, reliable service! No hassle – just quality and a friendly and knowledgeable staff. If they keep this up I will probably never ever change host.
  4. I have suggested hostforweb.com website hosting to everyone looking to get their feet wet in the world of web hosting. Their support have been very responsive to service requests. Always seems to want to make the web hosting experience better.
  5. Could you recommend me the ways to improve my WordPress site’s speed? One of my colleagues suggested me these tips: - Optimize images for speed on FLATsite - https://flatsite.com/ - Use faster plugins - Choose a theme that’s optimized for speed So, i need to consult with you on what way is right for me and why. Any inputs?
  6. I require expert's help in providing me any valuable information regarding the possible ways to Change IP One of my friends recommended me to try what is my ip solutions? Do you think a proxy server is the solution? Alternatives?
  7. I chose Libertyvps.net vps hosting service over 3 months ago. Everything works great. I host 5 wordpress blogs at their VPS and must say that I am happy with uptime, speed and their tech support is always online and ready to help.
  8. It is just amazing web hosting provider. I will definitely continue using QHoster.com reliable services. I contacted them via Skype and they explained me everything I needed to know. They spent over an hour talking with me. I like their patience and professionalism.
  9. I am happy. Can say that cloudarion.com is what all web hosting providers are supposed to be: - cool network and server uptime, - Amazing speed connectivity (pages load super fast), - rapid professional tech help (they work even at night - this is great).
  10. Pricing is cheaper than I was paying to my previous host. Also discounts saved much money for me. I like Hostnamaste.com hosting services and can highly recommend to others. Thanks.
  11. What reliable trace Email source tools can you suggest me trying? I am getting lots of spam mails. Would like to detect mail server IP of sender in order to stop it. Have you tried https://whatismyip.live service? Is it reliable? What other solutions do you know? Any suggestions please?
  12. Definitely check out cloudarion.com for your VPS hosting needs. I recommend them. The service contains all necessary features for successful running which are so significant for the web masters.
  13. I appreciate skills and friendly approach of customer support of Libertyvps.net provider. The service is exceptional and can not be compared with others. I occasionally need some tech support on my server. Someone is always there, responds well to my concerns and I've been able to resolve my issues quickly and completely.
  14. As an alternative, can highly recommend hostingsource.com SSD web hosting solutions in the USA. Their services are appreciated for the high server reliability, the connection speed and the excellent technical support available 24/24 hours via ticket, email or by MSN.
  15. I recently moved my web site to Greenwebpage.com hosting, and they have been phenomenal in supporting the move. What minor issues we encountered we handled quickly and correctly by the support team. They offer excellent options for all price ranges, and we are very happy with the service and support.
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