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  1. I am hoping for a comparable plan. I also like having access to WHM and the ability to have custom nameservers. Based on another poster's response to a different thread, I have taken a look at ... and their plans sound promising. Any suggestions regarding ... or any other reseller hosting providers would be appreciated. I really want to move soon since all my sites are having issues and I can't get any response from ... at all. What can you say about Tzulo.com hosting? Good or Bad? Any other reliable hosts?
  2. So I'm gonna need a reseller for some design clients, friends, and sites of mine. Any suggestions? Requirements: less than 40/mo free whmcs or blesta preferably good support unlimited accounts or at least 30 disk space - 150gb or more bandwidth - not really a concern as long as the disk space requirement is fulfilled relatively reputable I am thinking to try netshop-isp.com.cy hosting. Are they reliable? What other good hosts do you know? Thanks
  3. I and a friend decided to go in on a VPS and we chose Hostnamaste.com provider. The service is great! The billing people are kind and generous and always answer my questions in a professional manner.
  4. Thank you for reading the post , I'm looking for a reliable provider who are providing dedicated server with DDoS Protection. So , I'm searching a reliable provider who provide me upto 10 GBPS Free DDoS Protection , & of course i need managed support. As I see some of provider offering Free DDoS Protection with their servers. What are your views on zetservers.com EU unmetered dedicated servers? So , if you have any suggestions , please write me.
  5. I have many web sites hosted at several providers Hostnamaste.com OpenVZ VPS hosting is one of the best. They answer all my questions very quickly and are patient with me. I can’t say enough good things about them and their service! Well done guys!
  6. Fast reliable service. Fantastic technical support, questions usually answered within 2 minutes of posting. The thing that really has impressed me is the willingness of kvchosting.net support staff to take the time to explain things to a newbie who asks very basic questions.
  7. Hi, I am setting up a new tube/video site and I would like some information from you guys that know everything about web hosting and dedicated servers. Dedicated Server 1 will be the front end, database, etc. Dedicated Server 2 will be where the actual video content will be stored. Which of the servers needs to be more powerful of the two? Does Server 1 need a lot of bandwidth and storage? Any info on Tzulo.com hosting solutions in the USA? Are they good?
  8. I have had a good run dealing with QHoster.com web host. I would like to mention that everything is good. I am happy with their uptime. Their server provides me with really fast speed which was ultimately interested me in this SSD web host and it is not failed to meet my expectations.
  9. I am looking for a cheap shared hosting with dedicated ip. and 500 email per hour limit. Anyone has any good idea or any details of any provider. budget is 20 usd. Requirements 15gb hosting space Dedicated ip 100% uptime. server much be good EU location. I've found rockhoster.com web hosting provider. Do you know anything about this web host? Regards
  10. Don't look any further just go to Hostnamaste.com and you will be happy like now I'm from the bottom of my heart. When I had some questions, their intellectually gifted support team always willing to help and explain me everything I needed – really skillful they are. They are able to customize any features I needed and pass on the savings.
  11. Guys, need your help. I'd like to get affordable cloud VPS hosting. Linux. Do you know anything about Greenwebpage.com cloud VPS hosting services? Can I trust them? Any hosting reviews?
  12. Well, exmasters.com web hosting is a top of my recommendation, features are unique and everything has been great. They are easy to work with. Customer support is available 24/7 - this makes them preferable. Basically, I created the account with a new domain ... as I usually do (so I'm sure nothing goes wrong ... as it's usually automated).
  13. I have been with Greenwebpage.com cloud VPS hosting for the last 5 months and everything works really good. Recommended. I've had to contact support a few times and on all occasions my questions was answered very promptly. Hope everything keeps going the same way and I do not have problems like what I've had with some other hosts.
  14. Get all packages with 20% discount! Coupon code to use at checkout: B82NC3YRTR QHoster.com is reliable and trustworthy ssd web hosting provider. The online help is great for the quick answers that you need. Since they have good technicians, they handle things faster and correct, so they can handle technical issue better in less time.
  15. I have been Tzulo.com customer for about half a year. My site has traffic from Asia and also the US. They are very good service, excellent customer service via chat and email. It's a nice web host because they offer a wide range of plans for each kind of users.
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