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  1. Analysis of transactions in the EUR / USD pair A sell signal appeared in the market last Friday, but it had to be ignored because it came when the MACD line was at the oversold area. Nonetheless, it set off a strong bearish trend, where if traders had short positions, it was easy to earn around 30 pips of profit. Trading recommendations for June 21 Pay attention to the upcoming economic reports from the ECB and Bundesbank. Positive projections will help euro rally, while weaker data will resume the decline in EUR / USD. Then, in the afternoon, the Federal Reserve will hold a pre
  2. EUR/USD. Fed woke up the dollar Markets reacted to the FOMC meeting as if they were genuinely surprised by the shifting of the federal funds rate hike from 2024 to 2023. Did investors really believe that the Fed would turn a blind eye to rising inflation and remain the most peaceful central bank in the world? If so, they were in for a serious disappointment, resulting in a 1.8% collapse in the EUR/USD over the course of two trading days. To prevent the recurrence of the 2013 taper tantrum, the Fed promised to inform in advance of all changes in monetary policy. In fact, the Central B
  3. The Fed's rhetoric caused BTC to "stumble". Is its failure a short-term phenomenon? The first cryptocurrency did not stay away from the main event of the current week – the meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). However, the decisions taken by the regulator tripped bitcoin, which demonstrated a downward trend. On the evening of Wednesday, June 16, the main digital asset fell to $38,100, but later regained some losses. On the morning of Thursday, June 17, the first cryptocurrency was trading near $39,200, losing 2.8% over the past day. The driver of the sharp decline in
  4. Oil rises continuously on the back of the news from the USA and Europe Today, the world oil market demonstrates steady growth following a spectacular rise in the past week and a general three-week increase against the background of an improvement in the global situation. The main upward factor for the positive dynamics remains the prospects for demand for oil in developed countries, which is permanently increasing due to high rates of vaccination and the lifting of restrictive measures. Thus, US residents began to actively return to work, gather in companies and visit crowded pl
  5. Stock Asia is trading without a single dynamic As a result of the next meeting of the leadership of the American Central Bank, in addition to the traditional statement on the rate and volume of asset redemption, economic forecasts will be published, as well as expectations regarding further dynamics of interest rates. Experts believe that the Fed will not give signals about plans to gradually reduce the volume of redemption of bonds earlier than in August-September this year. At the same time, a dot plot - that is, a chart that reflects the individual expectations of the Fed's B
  6. Simplified wave analysis and forecast for USD/JPY and AUD/USD on June 14 AUD/USD Analysis: A bullish trend dominates the Australian dollar major market. A correction has been developing along the lower border of the strong reversal zone since February. The unfinished section counts down from May 10. In the structure of this wave, the middle part is nearing completion in the form of shifting planes. Forecast: Today, the pair's price is expected to flat in the price corridor between the nearest counter zones. After an attempt to put pressure on the support, a reversal and an i
  7. American stock market closed in the red Food manufacturer Campbell Soup Co. in the 3rd quarter of 2021 fiscal years, which ended on May 2, reduced net profit and revenue, and also worsened the annual forecast. On this news, the company's share price fell 6.5%. The world's largest express delivery service United Parcel Service said it expects to increase its annual revenues to $ 98-102 billion by 2023. Last year, UPS revenues were $ 84.6 billion. According to FactSet's forecast, in 2021 it will reach $ 93.68 billion. , in 2023 will reach $ 99.92 billion. Nevertheless, the company's sh
  8. Simplified wave analysis and forecast for GBP/USD and AUD/USD on June 9 GBP/USD Analysis: The upward trend in the main pair of the British pound sets the direction of the trend since the spring of last year. A correction is formed in the wave structure. The price is located in the area of the intermediate resistance zone. The incomplete wave from May 10 has the form of a shifting plane. Its ascending section from June 4 has a reversal potential. Forecast: Today, the price of the pair expects a general lateral movement vector. After a likely attempt to put pressure on the res
  9. Euro has the potential to rise but it is not easy to reach The Euro currency is trying to rise again, taking advantage of the weakening of the US currency. However, experts are worried that these efforts will end unsuccessfully. Throughout the previous week, the euro was behind the dollar, which reacted sensitively to any nuances of the market. Such changes in the USD dynamics include the May report on US employment. It can be noted that the national currency started to slip after its publication, and the euro tried to take advantage of the situation, but it failed to noticeably rise
  10. BTC reaches $38,100 after five days slump On June 2, the crypto community froze in anticipation of the formation of the "death cross" figure on the horizontal charts of bitcoin. Despite the high probability of such a scenario, the market supported bitcoin. The indicators of the BTC/USD pair rose by 5% and reached $38,100 for the first time since May 28. Bitcoin has shown signs of life and encouraged the entire market, but it is still too early to talk about the beginning of an upward trend. Despite the encouraging results and the almost complete exclusion of the possibility of retest
  11. AUD/USD: Does the Australian dollar need help to see further paths? The Australian dollar remains relatively calm, being in the existing price range. However, experts warn traders against being too relaxed, believing that the currency can change direction at any time. During the current week, the Australian dollar experienced a slight volatility. On Wednesday, June 2, the Australian dollar sank slightly, despite the positive macro statistics received from Australia. According to a report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), in the first quarter of 2021, the country's GDP i
  12. Euro and the US dollar continue to fight for control in the currency market The race for leadership continues between the American and European currencies. The competition between these two currencies keeps the market in good form, heating up an already tense situation. On the morning of June 2, the EUR/USD pair was sharply trading around the level of 1.2214, gradually rising from the previous close at 1.2211. But compared to June 1, the main currency pair loses noticeably, declining from the level of 1.2230. It can be noted that an important resistance level for the euro has formed
  13. The dollar is waiting for specifics from the Fed Fundamentally, the dollar looks weak. Arguments in favor of its further decline have been listed for several weeks. If last week a deeper sinking of the dollar did not take place, in particular, due to large placements of the US Treasury, then it is quite possible to fall to new lows this week. The next few sessions are exempted from bond placements. It is worth noting that the marks of 89.00–90.0 points serve as a kind of support for the American currency index, which is quite efficient. Despite the increased pressure, the dollar does
  14. European indices Stoxx Europe 600 and DAX on Friday updated records The composite index of the largest enterprises in the region Stoxx Europe 600 increased by 0.57%, to a record 448.98 points. The German DAX climbed 0.74% and surpassed the 15,500 mark for the first time. The French CAC 40 gained 0.75% and hit its highest level in 21 years. The British FTSE 100 indicator rose 0.04%. Italy's FTSE MIB and Spain's IBEX 35 added 0.45% and 0.42%, respectively. Global markets are being supported by signs that the US economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is gaining momentum.
  15. We reduce spreads – You gain your profit! ForexMart is glad to announce the reduction of spreads when trading currency pairs and metals on Classic, Pro and Cent accounts. These changes will allow you to increase your profits and trading income. You can find more detailed information on a specific trading instrument here. This section presents the current spreads for all possible trading instruments. Stay with us, we are doing our best to make your trading even more convenient and profitable. Good trading day! Yours faithfully, Forexmart team
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