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  1. You can endlessly watch three things - how fire burns, how water flows, and how your profits grow with our new Sweepstakes offers: • [MOB+WEB] NectarContests - Lidl Giftcard $250 SOI /SE, Payout: $1.20 • [MOB+WEB] SP - Apple iWatch /NO, Payout: $33.60 • [MOB+WEB] Tesco Tesco SOI /UK, Payout: €0.95 • [MOB+WEB] Nespresso /BE, Payout: $28.00 • [MOB+WEB] H&M SOI /IT, Payout: €0.65
  2. With offers this good, we are sure even iPhone users would convert to Samsung. This week we recommend taking a closer look at our top Samsung S21 offers, that will not disappoint: • [MOB+WEB] SM - Samsung S21 Amazon /CA, Payout: €16.00, EPC: $0.17, CR: 0.9% • [MOB+WEB] SB - Samsung S21 SOI /UK, Payout: $2.10, EPC: $0.18, CR: 8.5% • [MOB+WEB] SB - Samsung S21 SOI /IT, Payout: $1.90, EPC: $0.12, CR: 6.3% • [MOB+WEB] Samsung S21 SOI /TW, Payout: €0.80, EPC: $0.05, CR: 5.7% • [MOB+WEB] Samsung S21 IVR /HU, Payout: $2.80, EPC: $0.06, CR: 2.1%
  3. It doesn't matter which offers category you choose to work with. Whether it's Dating, Sweepstakes or Mobile Billing – we always have something fresh and interesting among all of the listed verticals. Like this week's add-ons, for example: • [MOB+WEB] Casino Tip MO /BA [Mtel, Eronet, BHMobilet], Payout: $2.40 • [MOB+WEB] SP - Monsieur Cuisine /PT, Payout: $20.00 • [MOB+WEB] Coop 2x500€ SOI /IT, Payout: €0.65 • [MOB+WEB] Intersport SOI /PL, Payout: €0.60 • [MOB] RdvMinute SOI /FR, Payout: €1.30
  4. In case you missed the opportunity to monetize on some of the best from Sweepstakes and Dating categories this month, do not worry! We’ve prepared the list of April's Top offers, so you can finish the month with a bang: Sweepstakes: • [MOB+WEB] S&P - Amazon $1000 Summer SOI /US, Payout: $2.80, EPC: $0.27, CR: 9.6% • [MOB+WEB] SU - Win an iPhone 11 PRO /PR, Payout: $12.80, EPC: $0.06, CR: 0.5% • [MOB+WEB] Samsung Galaxy S20 SOI /SE, Payout: $4.00, EPC: $0.27, CR: 6.8% • [MOB+WEB] SB - Amazon SOI /FR, Payout: $1.45, EPC: $0.15, CR: 10.2% • [MOB+WEB] iPhone 12 /IT, Payout: $
  5. In the era of popularization of the eco-friendly lifestyle, more and more people prefer fuel-free vehicles. However, endlessly turning the pedals can be very tiring. Fortunately there is an electric bike. Even better, it can be won with our new eBike offers. Can you hear the profit rustle? Then choose geo and let's go: Sweden - €2.80 Germany - €2.65 Poland - €0.90 United Kingdom - €0.80 France - €0.50
  6. Today we would like to tell you about one of our top offers – [MOB] MA - iPhone 12 PRO Max IVR /CZ from Mobile Billing category. The main feature of this category is the type of target action - the lead is made with the usage of a mobile phone account. Flow for this exact offer – IVR or Interactive Voice Response. In simple terms, for conversion the user must call a certain short number and start answering questions. The offer works for all types of internet connections, whether it is Wi-Fi or mobile internet of any Czech operator. And this makes the targeting pretty simple – any user with a m
  7. No wonder Dyson products are so popular all over the world – the company is amongst the top most innovative manufacturers. Now you have a chance to experience this success for yourself just by using our new Sweepstakes offers: • [MOB+WEB] NectarContests - Dyson Pure Cool SOI /NO, Payout: $1.20 • [MOB+WEB] SP - Dyson Vacuum Cleaner /FI, Payout: $36.00 • [MOB+WEB] SB - Dyson Test & Keep SOI /UK, Payout: $2.10 • [MOB+WEB] Dyson Products SOI /SE, Payout: €2.40 • [MOB+WEB] Dyson Vacuum SOI /AU, Payout: $2.95
  8. This week’s Top Dating offers for Italy are guaranteed to make you scream Bellissimo: • [MOB+WEB] ST - Tipecarine SOI /IT, Payout: $1.55, EPC: $0.08, CR: 5.2% • [MOB+WEB] CarineAmici DOI /IT, Payout: $2.80, EPC: $0.11, CR: 4.1% • [MOB+WEB] XxxFacktor DOI /IT, Payout: $2.80, EPC: $0.10, CR: 3.6% • [MOB] CasualClub SOI /IT, Payout: $1.25, EPC: $0.08, CR: 6.8% • [MOB] Instaex SOI /IT, Payout: $0.43, EPC: $0.02, CR: 4.3%
  9. The Sweepstakes category is getting larger every day and in this huge amount of offers you can easily miss something really worthwhile. Our weekly review of new and interesting offers will help you stay up to date. Please welcome: • [MOB+WEB] SU - Win an iPhone 12 Color Choose White /IT, Payout: $16.00 • [MOB+WEB] Primark with testimonials SOI /ES, Payout: €0.55 • [MOB+WEB] SB - L’oreal Steampod SOI /UK, Payout: $2.10 • [MOB+WEB] Stadium SOI /SE, Payout: $4.00 • [MOB+WEB] Uniqlo SOI /SG, Payout: $1.75
  10. Buying push notification traffic is easy, but how to chose the best network for it? We know the answer! Tacolo.co - the highest quality push traffic at the lowest price. Key advantages: • constantly updated own push subscriptions base for both mainstream and dating traffic with guaranteed high conversion rate; • expanded targeting with the options for country, device, operation system and browser language setings; • fast-speed approval process; • user-friendly notification constructor: creating and editing campaigns has never been this easy; • as well as: minimum click pric
  11. Landscape design can be quite expensive and not everyone can afford to hire a specialist, but after a long winter it’s necessary to spruce up the yard. At the most convenient time, we have added a SOI offer [MOB+WEB] Garden Renovation $1000 with a drawing to participate in the landscape upgrade program. For webmasters, this unusual theme for Sweepstakes category is a great opportunity to try something new. All you need to do is select the geo and get to work: Netherlands - $2.00 Belgium - $1.20 Norway - $1.20 Sweden - $1.20 United Kingdom - $1.00
  12. Spring has sprung and so have profits. To keep the finger on the pulse we have selected the best offers of the month for Sweepstakes and Dating categories: Sweepstakes: • [MOB+WEB] SU - Win an iPhone 11 PRO Black /EE, Payout: $16.00, EPC: $0.33, CR: 2.1% • [MOB+WEB] SZ - Amazon 750€ Voucher SOI /DE, Payout: €2.65, EPC: $0.35, CR: 11.4% • [MOB+WEB] Supermarket Voucher SOI /SG, Payout: €2.00, EPC: $0.12, CR: 5.1% • [MOB+WEB] Win the iPhone 12 SOI /NO, Payout: $3.20, EPC: $0.37, CR: 11.8% • [MOB+WEB] Win the iPhone 12 SOI /UK, Payout: $1.90, EPC: $0.17, CR: 8.4% Dating:
  13. Easter traditions may differ from country to country, yet they all have something in common – festive mood. With our new Sweepstakes offers festive mood is a guarantee: • [MOB+WEB] S&P - Amazon $1000 Easter Theme SOI /US, Payout: $2.80 • [MOB+WEB] Win cadbury easter package SOI /UK, Payout: $1.90 • [MOB+WEB] SX - Milka Easter Pasqua SOI /IT, Payout: €1.60 • [MOB+WEB] Pak n Save Easter SOI /NZ, Payout: $2.10 • [MOB+WEB] Easter Hamper SOI /SE, Payout: $4.00
  14. A lot of media buyers are thinking about collecting their own push-notification base. This option in fact presents many advantages to users – no limits in notification amounts or themes, no budget limits or any other aspects that a user might face when working with purchased push traffic. There might be however a problem when choosing the right service with which you can not only collect a base, but also send those notifications. Today we would like to take a deeper look into one of these tools. Pushflow.net is a push notification service that helps affiliate marketers to build their own
  15. Sweepstakes category works with the three main flows – SOI, DOI and CC Submit. The last one has the highest payouts among all, but because of the complicated flow, media buyers are usually apprehensive to work with them. For those, who want to start working with CC Submit offers but haven't decided yet, we have added lightweight version – iPhone 12 Pro offers which convert without a reference to withdrawing money from the card. How does it work? Users complete a simple registration form and enter their credit card details, send the form and... that's it! It doesn't matter if the payment was su
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