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  1. While we continue to see a sustained move above 1.18704 we expect a surge much Higher with an Ideal Target at 1.17625. At this point, Sell Positions looks ideal and can be recommended with an ideal take profit 1.17625. coped from FreshForex
  2. EURUSD ~ showing signs of sustaining the break above the upper trendline. Look for low risk buy positions towards 1.19660
  3. GBPCHF is probably heading for the supportive trendline
  4. GBPCHF ~ The previous day's candle touched the daily resistance zone 1.18933-1.19054 but could not breakout above it. This remains to be a good sell place unless the price breaks and closes above it.
  5. GBPZAR ~ We're withing a range 21.60406-21.25943. On this chart, we are looking for a bounce from the zone 21.25943 to pick a low risk buy position with an ultimate target at 21.63193
  6. GBPSEK ~ we're seeing lower highs formation. Currently, the price is around a significant resistance trendline. This is a possible sell place with a tp at 11.30889
  7. currently bouncing off from a a significant resistance trendline. Look for long term sell positions towards the lower trendline. Another area of focus is 27.96518-28.07931
  8. I am very happy with FreshForex. They give me good service and good help. Yuri n Alex are always helping whenever I need - on trading and when I need my money returned. Happy to recommend this broker
  9. Using FreshForex as my Trading Specialists.And so far only great results and support from them.Would recomend them to anyone.
  10. I am shocked to get the phone right now with one of the most rude agents named Eddie who is my fund manager. Who basically told me that clients who are investing less than $ 10000 in their accounts are basically wasting their time and hence they get charged higher taxes and their spread is great because what is the point of them giving good service and spending hours on the phone with a client with an account balance of $ 1000 that will not even half the balance in a month. But they would rather give smaller spreads and less taxes to their premium clients who have over $ 10000 invested in thei
  11. An Unprofessional Trading Specialist Eddy Banks' unprofessional behavior made me to stop using CMTrading as my forex broker. Below is how he emailed me one day after he called me but my phone went off all over sudden due to a technical issue: Morning Paul, I called you this morning, however you decided to hang up the phone on me and after that you went silent on the line. I am working with over 120 traders in my portfolio and I am not going to waste my time with any games. Do you have serious intentions to increase your monthly income or should I stop bothering you?
  12. I want to thank Ali for introducing me to FreshForex . He has been most kind in ensuring we get a super VIP service - myself and my friends. I have deposited, traded and withdrawn and once I saw my money was safe I felt safe to bring my friends with me. So far we have no complaints and look forward to much successful trading
  13. I have a couple of friends who have used ExpertsOptions before, none of them appears to be having any good news, I wonder why?
  14. COMMISSIONS LEAVE FreshForex has been successfully operating on Forex since 2004. Our company continues to grow, improve trading conditions and offer only profitable bonuses and promotions. Now we cancel deposit commissions! Top up your account and trade with pleasure — let us worry about commissions! 15 years of stable work on Forex is the main argument in favor of FreshForex reliability.
  15. FreshForex rewards you for trades! Trade every day and receive funds for withdrawing or trading! Reward increases permanently and depends on your activity and trade volume.
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