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  1. Have you noticed Crypto is on the rise again? With a 20%+ pump in Bitcoin prices this week, is it any surprise our Crypto Smartlink is serving a top-shelf performance to our partners? For new and existing publishers, we strongly recommend targeting Austria to take urgent advantage of the rising buzz around Crypto. Crypto TOP20: Austria $96.4Switzerland $65.6Australia $58Czech Republic $36.2Canada $33.3Germany $32.1Netherlands $28.9Denmark $27.3Norway $25.3Chile $25Estonia $24.9Lithuania $23.8Belgium $22.5Latvia $21.3Sweden $20.8Moldova $20.4United Kingdom $19.5Poland $18.9Russia $17.7Portugal $16.5
  2. Ride a tsunami of conversions when you target Indonesia with our Mainstream Smartlink. Need access to the Mainstream vertical? Contact your AM to get started instantly. Mainstream TOP20: Canada $21.1Germany $16.4United Kingdom $15.4Australia $13.4Spain $13.3USA $12.2Switzerland $12New Zealand $11.5Israel $10.4Finland $10.1Denmark $9.7Saudi Arabia $9.5Austria $9.2Sweden $8.5South Africa $8.2Hungary $7.8Qatar $7.8Ireland $7.4France $6.6Estonia $6.3
  3. While banks try to slow Crypto, the mecca of private wealth management tops our list of best performing GEOs in the niche. The data is clear: for a bullish opportunity, target Switzerland with our Crypto Smartlink. Crypto TOP20: Switzerland $111.7 Austria $96.3 Ireland $77.6 Belgium $70.8 Canada $52.7 Germany $37.7 Luxembourg $34.2 Portugal $31.9 Denmark $28.9 Kazakhstan $25.9 Norway $24.5 Chile $20.9 Russia $20.6 Poland $19.3 Latvia $19 Lithuania $18.5 Italy $18 Malaysia $17.5 United Kingdom $16.9 Sweden $16.3
  4. As American cities reopen, is it any surprise that US dating traffic is on fire? Capitalize on American users' exponentially increased interest in romance; get your US traffic to our Dating Smartlink while it's hot! Dating TOP20: Austria $90.6Switzerland $88.4New Zealand $79.2Sweden $72Denmark $71.6Norway $69.5Australia $66.7Germany $62.4USA $57.7Canada $56.9Finland $54.2United Kingdom $52.7Belgium $51.5Netherlands $50.8France $48.2Spain $45.3Italy $42Israel $39.7Poland $36.9Czech Republic $34.8
  5. Are you searching for a way to effectively monetize Indian traffic? Wondering if it's possible to make money with cheap traffic? With exclusive and proprietary offers and native landers, our Mainstream Smartlink is the solution you're looking for. Let our algorithm show you how. Mainstream TOP20: Canada $32.5Australia $23.5USA $20.1New Zealand $19.1Sweden $15.8United Kingdom $14.9Luxembourg $14Switzerland $13.5Slovakia $13.1Saudi Arabia $12.8Denmark $12.2Germany $11.3Finland $11.2Cyprus $11.1UAE $10.8Norway $10.6South Africa $10.6Hungary $10.4Ireland $10.1Hong Kong $9.9
  6. What's better than chocolate? Conversions! Our recipe: Combine your Belgian traffic with our Crypto Smartlink for a touch of gold. Crypto TOP20: Austria $101.4Belgium $65.1Norway $51.2Switzerland $46.5Sweden $44.3Germany $41.6Luxembourg $41.3Malaysia $40.2Kazakhstan $35.4Denmark $29Latvia $26.9United Kingdom $25.6Lithuania $23.7Australia $21.9Czech Republic $20.4Canada $19.9Portugal $19.2Russia $18South Africa $17.8Poland $16.3
  7. Didn't get to the moon last Saturday Night? Your portfolio may have stayed terrestrial, but you can still board the hype train with our Crypto Smartlink. We recommend targeting Denmark this week. Crypto TOP20: Norway $72.3Austria $71.9Denmark $60.4Switzerland $56.8Sweden $55.4Australia $50.9Germany $46.5Kazakhstan $45.7Estonia $43.2Lithuania $41.7Netherlands $34.9Canada $31.8Latvia $30.3Portugal $29.2Belgium $27.3United Kingdom $21.5Czech Republic $20.7South Africa $19.6Poland $19Russia $17
  8. It's no surprise to us, that in a recent poll, Redditors voted Sweden as home to the most hotties in Europe. Therefore, it's also no surprise to us that when you implement our Dating Smartlink and focus your efforts on Sweden your results will be just as hot. Dating TOP20: Austria $95.6Australia $80.4New Zealand $77.8Switzerland $76Sweden $72.8Germany $65.3Denmark $61.7Norway $58.4USA $53.2Canada $49.2Finland $45.9United Kingdom $43.3Netherlands $40.7Belgium $38.1France $36.8Portugal $35.5Italy $34.2Israel $32.9Spain $31.6South Africa $28.2
  9. Always up for a good time, the South Africans are loving our Mainstream Smartlink this week! We recommend you target this geo and vertical for a good time yourself! Mainstream TOP20: Canada $14.7USA $14.4United Kingdom $14.1Italy $13.9Luxembourg $12.8Germany $12.4Austria $12.2New Zealand $11.5Australia $11.4Spain $10.5Ireland $10.3Sweden $10.1South Africa $9.8Slovakia $9.5Norway $9Hong Kong $8.9Denmark $8Netherlands $7.7Israel$7.4Japan $6.1
  10. The cryptoverse is booming, get in on increased opportunities with the Los Pollos Crypto Smartlink. We recommend targeting the UK for stellar results. Crypto TOP20: Switzerland $129.1Norway $98.1Austria $94.5Denmark $66.4Ireland $64.8Germany $57United Kingdom $56.1Estonia $51.8Sweden $50.1Canada $38Greece $35.7Portugal $33Latvia $30.6Netherlands $24Belgium $18.8Spain $17.5Australia $16.4Russia $15.2Italy $15.1Singapore $14.3
  11. This week, we recommend you target the USA, and let our Dating Smartlink put you in a New York state of mind. Dating TOP20: Austria $90.2Switzerland $84.3New Zealand $78.2Australia $72.6Denmark $68.2Germany $66.3Sweden $57.2Norway $54USA $52.4Canada $48.3United Kingdom $45.2Belgium $42.9Portugal $39.8Finland $37.4Netherlands $35.1Italy $34.2France $33.1Czech Republic $31Spain $29.7Israel $28.1
  12. Are you already successfully implementing our Mainstream Smartlink? Why not try something new and expand your reach! We would like to present the top Tier 3 countries which, despite their typically low traffic volume, are unjustifiably ignored by affiliates. Mainstream TOP20: British Virgin Islands $24.7US Virgin Islands $13.6Papua New Guinea $12.5American Samoa $12.5Northern Mariana Islands $11.8Curacao $10.8Guernsey $9.6Namibia $9.2Cuba $8.6French Polynesia $8Aruba $7.2Botswana $7.1Maldives $6.7Jersey $6.6New Caledonia $6.4Taiwan $6.2Macao $5.7Chile $5.5Bahrain $5.4Cyprus $5
  13. You won't need a detective to uncover amazing results this week. Combine your Belgian traffic with our Crypto Smartlink for conversions beyond your wildest expectations. Crypto TOP20: Switzerland $121.2Norway $104.8Australia $101.1Latvia $86.8Belgium $66.7Ireland $58.1Germany $56.9Austria $40.3Czech Republic $37.9Sweden $33.9Denmark $29.9Netherlands $26.7United Kingdom $25.3Estonia $25Ukraine $24.4Kazakhstan $24.1Portugal $23.9Italy $21.6Russia $20.5Canada $19.4
  14. This week, you can't fala-fail when you combine your Turkish traffic with our Dating Smartlink. Contact your friendly Los Pollos account manager to get started today! Dating TOP20: Austria $90.2Switzerland $85.9New Zealand $81.5Denmark $76.3Germany $68.2USA $65.4Canada $62.7Australia $59.3Sweden $54.8Norway $49.7United Kingdom $44.5France $41.4Portugal $38.8Belgium $36.2Spain $34.1Netherlands $32.9Finland $30.3Turkey $28.4Israel $27.2Czech Republic $26.8
  15. Hurry publishers, epic conversions are waiting there for you when you send your South African traffic to our Mainstream Smartlink. Mainstream TOP20: Sweden $30.3Spain $20.8Macedonia $16.9Israel $15.2Switzerland $15.1USA $14.8New Zealand $14Canada $13.9Luxembourg $13.6Belgium $13.3French Polynesia $13.1Estonia $12.6France $12Hungary $11.5South Africa $10.3Australia $10.2Germany $9.8UAE $9.5Norway $9.3Hong Kong $9
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