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  1. Skills and Knowledge are possessed by all the traders, but to use it correctly is the most imperative part and hence you must learn when to use and which skill to apply.
  2. Demo Trading is must, but after that, you must also check out your knowledge with small investments in the real market and not barge into the market thinking yourself invincible.
  3. Quick Profits are achievable but, it is not at all easy to do that. You must have throuough knowledge about the Forex Trading and you should be aware of all the strategies and market trends.
  4. Yes, it depends totally on the broker, if you have good broker, you would be able to make good profits. There are lots of Forex Trading Plaform and you should check their authenticity before you get involved in the same.
  5. Forex Trading has changed my life drastically. Though in initial stage I have suffered lots of loss, but with the passage of time, I got the essence of Forex Market and later I started earning ample.
  6. Quick profit may be achievable, but you wouldn't be making profits with each and every transactions and hence, you need to learn about managing risks to acheive success in the Forex Trading.
  7. Yes. Also, the trader should learn about risk management. If the trader is having a fear of loss, he or she must refrain from doing trading. Through there are numerous risks but risks comes with rewards and no risk means no rewards.
  8. In general sense the one way to achieve quick profit would be through obtaining proper knowledge of trading and that you could only obtain by trying out the Demo Trading. After that you must also try with less capital before stepping into big markets.
  9. 6 Crucial Things to Consider When Choosing a Forex Broker Security. The first and foremost characteristic that a good broker must have is a high level of security. ... Transaction Costs. No matter what kind of currency trader you are, like it or not, you will always be subject to transaction costs. ... Deposit and Withdrawal. ... Trading Platform. ... Execution. ... Customer Service.
  10. how to set up the screen for each strategy, and what indicators I use what currency pairs and time frame I use for each strategy what specific parameters I use for the indicators in each strategy where are the entry points, and how I follow the longer time frames to confirm the trend direction the process of placing the Expert Advisors on Meta Trader and trade automatically how to fit the strategies to your trading broker quotes trade with confidence proven Forex strategies
  11. There are many kinds of indicators and when you mix them it can result in excluding signals. Like this, it will be very difficult to make a decision about the right moment to enter the trade. On the other hand, adding a few indicators that provide comparable information is not the best idea either. Some think it will give them a confirmation of the entry points. But in reality, it can lead to unnecessary confusion and make the market difficult to evaluate accurately.
  12. Ten Tips for Forex Risk Management 1) Educate Yourself About Forex Risk and Trading 2) Use a Stop Loss 3) Use a Take Profit to Secure Your Profits 4) Do Not Risk More Than You Can Afford to Lose 5) Limit Your Use of Leverage 6) Have Realistic Profit Expectations 7) Have a Forex Trading Plan 😎 Prepare For the Worst 9) Control Your Emotions 10) Diversify Your Forex Portfolio
  13. There are many benefits to forex trading but, as with any market, there are also associated risks and it should not be entered into lightly. Whilst this article has covered the main advantages of forex trading, it’s also vital that you familiarise yourself with the potential pitfalls to ensure it’s the right decision for you. Forex trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Rather, it is a long-term strategy that requires knowledge and a keen understanding of how global events can affect the market.
  14. No FOREX trading is not at all an easy job, you should have to keep your self up to date with the market's news and should have complete involvement otherwise you will be on losing side.
  15. Forex trading is not an easy skill to master but you can shortcut your learning curve by implementing the right tips and tricks which I'll share with you. If you would like to understand more about the mistakes that beginner traders make, you should check out some videos on internet.
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