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  1. The Learning Management System is the novel face of the Education Industry. Nowadays, e-education is the booming sector of the education industry, and with time, it will cover the entire market. Despite such tremendous growth, lack of quality, geographic restrictions, linguistic barriers, less supportive e-learning websites, and hacking problems have been witnessed in the Learning management system. The traditional education system is already suffering from hefty tuition fees, travel costs, time restriction, the continuously limited scope of learning, practical knowledge gap, and lack of asses
  2. Welcome To SafePEPE v2 !!! Key Infos about $SAPE ● Your $SAPE balance will increase over time, just by holding it in your Wallet. The longer you hold, the bigger your bags. This is a game of patience not a game of intelligence or skill. ● There is a 10% tax, 5% goes to the LiquidityPool and 5% goes straight to everyone’s pocket. ● To trade on Pancakeswap, use 11-14% Slippage. Otherwise it won’t work and you’ll miss the train. ● There will be a limited NFT distribution anytime soon & a possible cooperation with NFT OG’s from ethereum. ● Lord Kek has this Visi
  3. icarus.finance is a first of its kind decentralized mining protocol which brings Bitcoin and Ethereum hashrate to the Binance Smart Chain, combining it with further DeFi applications Do you want to mine, or farm crypto assets? Perhaps both? No problem! At icarus.finance, you choose" There are numerous obstacles to participation in mining, which are harder felt across the world due to geographical and economic factors. Such impediments include the need for hardware and optimizing, electricity costs, exit options, procurement, etc. icarus.finance is a decentralized mining pr
  4. WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | TELEGRAM| YOUTUBE | LINKEDIN | REDDIT | INSTAGRAM | GITHUB Project Overview: Designed to be fair, My Lotto Coin is an innovative lotto game, which incorporates the joy of traditional lotto experience into the security, reliability, transparency and performance of blockchain technology, to ensure both traditional lotto players and crypto-enthusiasts enjoy the future, today, while empowering players by giving back to the community. My Lotto Coin is the world’s first fully and truly decentralized and transparent cryptocurrency lottery operated b
  5. WallStreetBets - Coin Ticker: WSBC Join WSBC Today! The Fast, Secure, 100% Private WallStreetBets Coin! READ BEFORE BUYING!!! Hey all! We are working on clearing the bots but in the mean time let's all make sure we set the slippage low as the bots only work if the slippage is set high enough to make it worth their while. We will be on 2 major exchanges before long(applications submitted!!!) and the bots cannot affect us there but they will try to take advantage of larger purchases through pancakeswap when there is 0% tax on selling transactions. So set your purchase, ve
  6. Introduction In the few short years since DeFi has been around, it has already managed to translate many legacy financial products into the decentralized world. Today DeFi offers a much more convenient, faster, and overall better user experience for use cases such as lending and borrowing, and buying and selling cryptocurrencies than its traditional counterpart. As a result of the pent-up demand for scarce digital assets, stirred up by multiple macroeconomic factors but mainly triggered by the Coronavirus crisis and fears of inflation caused by rampant money printing, the crypto space a
  7. How it works! 1. Stake TOTM in high yield pools for guaranteed returns. 2. Earn crypto by predicting its price, whilst your initial stake is protected. 3. Join the Totem community and grow with us, together.
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