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  7. If you haven’t had a taste of CurrySwap yet, let us introduce you to the latest HyFi development that you don’t want to miss out on. The CurrySwap ecosystem is made up of five vaults that are all designed to leverage your Curry earnings while seamlessly enhancing your yield farming experience. Introduction The CurrySwap project has incorporated the best of both worlds. The project offers three tokens that facilitate your yield farming earnings leveraging the advantages of two blockchain networks. With tokens built on both the Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) networks, they seamlessly work together to optimize the integrated yield farming protocols. The project launched in 2020 and has successfully undergone two audits from esteemed firms as well as built up a sizable market cap in such a short space of time. The CurrySwap Ecosystem The CurrySwap project is a multi-dapp ecosystem that can be broken down into various delicious courses, including the Curry Food Vault / Auction Lobby, the NFT Airdrop Rewards and more recently the Chili Yield Farm Aggregator. For a glimpse into the ecosystem, the Curry food vault is where users can stake their CurryV2 tokens and take advantage of the high yield certificate of deposit staking portal alongside an auction lobby. Users can bid CurryV2 tokens and earn ETH/BNB in the daily auction of distributed tokens. Then we have the NFT airdrop rewards which are given to users staking Curry tokens in the various protocols. The Chili token is a reward token that can be redeemed for future rewards and is earned by staking CurryV2 into the Chili yield farming aggregator (more on this below). Introducing The ChiliSwap Yield Farming Aggregator The ChiliSwap yield farm aggregator is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is designed to simplify the yield farming process through the use of more advanced vaults (smart contracts). Users can contribute CurryV2-BNB tokens to participate in the Chili IFO program, which will have the same methodology as the IFO program offered by PancakeSwap. Key Features •Yield Optimization •Liquidity Zaps •Bonus Yields •Cross-Chain Solutions ChiliSwap Yield Farming Aggregator The ChiliSwap platform allows users to engage in auto compounding and yield optimization on all ChiliSwap LP pairs and Curry and CurryV2 staking. By providing liquidity and staking Curry tokens in the various vaults users will earn Chili tokens as a reward and extra incentive. Users have these three options to choose from: • ChiliSwap yield farming aggregator allows users to compound Curry and earn Chili tokens. • Compound LP tokens by making use of the vault strategies, which simultaneously distribute Chili tokens as rewards. • Finally, users can also stake Chili or Chili/BNB LP to earn more Chili tokens. These vaults range in APY’s (annual percentage yield) of 70% right up to 2,300%. Liquidity Zaps Simplifying the process, ChiliSwap allows users to create a desired LP token in just one click. Called the “zap” function, this provides a means for seamless liquidity provision by making use of the CurrySwap automated market maker (AMM) used for all available pairs. This streamlined function saves you the hassle of having to create one yourself, and instead allows you to create your LP by simply providing a single asset (and comes free of charge). All you will need to do is select the pair you would like to create, which deposit currency you would like to use, and click Zap. Simple as that you will then have your own LP tokens which you can use to compound or farm in the ChiliSwap vaults. Chili Token This BEP-20 token is issued on the Binance Smart Chain and can be earned by staking CurryV2. The token is required in conjunction with CurryV2 to create new liquidity pools and project listings on the CurrySwap platforms, as well as a reward token that can be redeemed for future rewards, such as custom trading card NFTs. Ethereum — BSC Interoperability While we are still working on this we are excited to announce that the CurrySwap team is creating protocols that allow for cross-chain farming (Ethereum — BSC). This will allow Ethereum users to dual farm, making use of the liquidity from UniSwap as well as PancakeSwap farming. This allows Ethereum users to make the most of the CurrySwap ecosystem and reap the rewards from BSC without interacting with the BSC chain at all. The Future While we continue working on the cross chain functionality, we also have several other developments in the pipeline. With our community taking an active role in the development of the project, we have outlined several proposed changes which will be executed based on the community’s response: • Spicy staking rewards and Curry pools • Airdrop • Initial Farm Offering • Trading Discounts • Liquidity share mining • Liquidity pool fees • V1 to V2 conversions • A token burning mechanism • A platform reserve Here is an updated timeline for the CurrySwap ecosystem!
  8. FarmHero is a novel protocol that mixes NFT, gaming and DEFI concepts. The team aims to build a healthy, long-run community that different people can find different fun. Community can contribute and earn in a various of ways, including but not limited to, yield farming, NFT farming, NFT trading, bug bounty, join the incubators, playing the house games, or simply copy and paste your referral link and send to friends. Yet, use the protocol with caution and strategy, as earnings are not guaranteed. Why we are called Farm Hero? Farm Hero's continuous token ecosystem are built upon renowned yield farms. Safety comes first. Candidates are pancakeswap on binance smart chain, sushiswap on ethereum, quickswap on matic, mdex on binance smart chain and heco, salmonswap on tron, and more. •Audit:• Fund Safety comes first. Nothing is more important than safety of funds for any DEFI protocol. The FarmHero team knows it. The Vault Farming and Token contracts, which are most critical regarding locked funds, are being audited by Certik, and we will release news as soon as we get any updates for the report. FarmHero Certik Profile Page: https://www.certik.org/projects/farmhero The team also employs Certik's Skynet to monitor security real-time. Audit Progress Update on June 8th, 2021: The team has received the preliminary comments from Certik Team, indicating several places to improve. There are NO critical vulnerability regarding fund safety. The final reports will be out within 1-2 days, while the profile page status would be updated by that time. The team is now working to improve our code according to the preliminary comments. We will update more once any progress is made. •RoadMaps:• -By 2021 June Launch FarmHero Protocol, Yield Farming, NFT farming, Genesis NFT sale, Auction Game, Fomo Game, Referral System -By 2021 Aug Launch Blind Box NFT, Internal NFT market places. Start Incubation plan for community projects that can help $HERO community -By 2021 Oct Launch FarmHeroDAO, the incubator. -By 2022 Q2 Employ 3D VR technology to do upgrades to show better NFT! •How to Buy:• Contract Address: 0x9b26e16377ad29a6ccc01770bcfb56de3a36d8b2 Buy now on PancakeSwap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x9b26e16377ad29a6ccc01770bcfb56de3a36d8b2
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