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  1. What I can say. Very upset about today, as found out this too late when all was done and dusted. I wish I had seen this earlier.
  2. We need to be very thoughtful when we talk about making use of profits, as there is no way we will work out anything without it. I am always very careful and it helps a lot with right support. And that in particular helps with right platform. My choice is very much clear in eInvestment platform. It is a licensed Investment Fund platform that got simply stunning structure which not in terms of helping with gaining big time but also in line with the safety as well.
  3. Yeah, that’s definitely accurate judgment. You can’t be successful simply by winning always, so you have to be capable enough to take losses too. It is only way to move forward and achieve the success. And in this it is learning from others mistake is equally important as far I am concern.
  4. Indeed correct. It is the reason why we should be sharp with these things. Everyone is watching these opportunities, so we should not waste time and just join in the fun to bnefit from.
  5. Waykichain is amongst my favorite option of this year and is definitely pretty high on be. I will say its we should invest on it but needs to be careful with how we go about approaching it. I will wait for IEO to buy.
  6. I seriously can’t wait for their IEO to begin up. It is definitely way way better and bigger than most of the stuff I have seen. It’s one reason why I prefer it so much.
  7. I think most people from the industry already knows this since it’s building up from reasonably long time now… So nothing surprising for me about this. WGRT is backed by biggies and that’s why it’s center of the attraction.
  8. Although, there are many factors to be considered but some that I feel are vital starts from https://www.begindot.com/cybersecurity-risks-for-trading-platforms/, as the security is major concern and should be looked at highest priority.
  9. Binance is king of these things. Not first time they are caught, but authorities are blind because it’s all part of the system.
  10. USDK in reality has the trust of all. In any case, others also need to fill in…
  11. There is no rocket science with the way, as it’s through having reasonable plans and capability of executing them correctly too. But a lot of this is easier said than done. Anyhow, I personally don’t do too much work on planning, instead I am recently following up this service called BuyForexSignals. I am joined on there through my broker Avatrade, as with them I get the package for free. But if not then you can still you their Forex signals package by purchasing. And all I can tell you is that it’s as worthy as any signal service could be. The best part is their 30 days guaranteed in term
  12. Who said lazy people can’t be SUCCESSFUL? If you are lazy and feel you can’t do anything than here is something for you! LazyBinaryOptionSignals are here not just to turn your laziness into rewards, but also turn you into life into something worthy. This is not just ANOTHER signal service or system, its LIFE CHANGING one, as you aren’t required to be glued to your screens for 24/5, but only just 1 specific time every day is ENOUGH! Here, once you are joined you get access to ALL the providers, so it’s easier to pick one that fits our trading schedule and targets as even co
  13. I think one genuine concern for a lot of investors especially newbies is that they often get scammed, so this is what makes people think twice before making investment, but if we figure this out and have education and experience then we can easily figure it out and benefit from it. I too had my fair of fear and tension, but ever since I become part of FP Markets, I am happy to say that all fears are resting in peace. They are operated in Australia and is regulated by ASIC, so that clearly closes out further discussion on fear as far safety wise. As per more, it’s even there ahead of others wit
  14. Success is like protein for our body, it’s possible to survive even with having low level of it, but it can never make anyone fit and comfortable. It’s possible to lead life without success and become an average person, but that can never make you truly happy! Now, it’s time to inject the energy into your life and work yourself towards happiness not for yourself, but even for your entire FAMILY! Here is the chance to join the GREATEST Professional Trading Signals and Alert service for Forex/Stock/Binary or any sort of trading you prefer, it’s all possible now in easiest and simplest way
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