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  1. I have completed the shift from MT4 and MT5 at Hotforex. And I have to say this transition brought many benefits as the new platform has improvements from execution to integration of important market data like news calendar.
  2. I think you can post here and there without limitations. Looking forward to see some nice useful posts from you, especially related to FX or crypto trading.
  3. I strongly believe that I can find independent source of income from trading. Currently trying my luck with Hotforex trying to scalp on majors and Gold. Many people have become millionaires by trading Forex, but they had patience and discipline in their trading.
  4. Is there a contest for demo traders. I feel I need more capital to trade bigger lots and demo prize would be great support towards my goals
  5. It is my understanding that choosing the right broker is the second most important step in succeeding in this market, next to having an effective and proven trade strategy plan. I trade at Hotforex and have access to wide range of trading instruments including stocks, bonds and indices.
  6. I have been using the hotforex mt4 for almost 6 years now, I think their mt5 is much better, but moving to mt5 requires a lot of work from my side!.
  7. Agree that's why I take my losing trading with Hotforex as lessons but also try to reduce their occurence using wider stop loss and targets on high timeframes like 1H and 1D
  8. It seems to me that the main reason I lose in the forex market is that it is not good enough preparation on a demo account, and therefore, when I started trading on Hotforex, I took the opportunity to practice on the free version of the demo account.
  9. From the patterns you mentioned I use only head and shoulders on major FX pairs and stock CFDs with Hotforex because according to my experience this pattern is hard to see but that's why its really rewarding you have to train your eye a lot.
  10. As for me, it is always worth starting with a small capital, this is a safer option. For example, when I open my first live account with Hotforex, I embarked on my trading journey with $100 deposit and it was enough.
  11. Emotions in FX trading can really play a cruel joke. With this, you need to be as careful as possible and prevent the influence of emotions on the results of work. In order to that it is essential to reduce human factor, i.e. make decisions automated. For example, I use scalping bots with Hotforex which require only adjustments time to time, but trading is fully autonomous.
  12. Guys anybody knows good rebates service for Hotforex broker?
  13. I think you just have to give it a try and see how it goes. Thankfully it is risk-free trading opportunity.
  14. Emotions can be really disruptive when it comes to trading. Their major negative consequence is that you break trading rules that you set what makes you unable to judge if your trading plan was right or not. I trade strictly according to my risk and money management plan with Hotforex and make changes only if I see how it can be improved. I don't let emotions take control over me.
  15. Yes Forex can considered as full time job but you have to accept the fact that there won't be stability. You can have months with negative returns and it can be frustrating. That's why I diversify my trading with Hotforex and use their signal copy service, PAMM and also trade myself.
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