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  1. Guys anybody knows good rebates service for Hotforex broker?
  2. I think you just have to give it a try and see how it goes. Thankfully it is risk-free trading opportunity.
  3. Emotions can be really disruptive when it comes to trading. Their major negative consequence is that you break trading rules that you set what makes you unable to judge if your trading plan was right or not. I trade strictly according to my risk and money management plan with Hotforex and make changes only if I see how it can be improved. I don't let emotions take control over me.
  4. Yes Forex can considered as full time job but you have to accept the fact that there won't be stability. You can have months with negative returns and it can be frustrating. That's why I diversify my trading with Hotforex and use their signal copy service, PAMM and also trade myself.
  5. I agree hyips are more risky and there is no way to know whether hyip admin is legit or a scammer. On other hand it depends on our skills and luck how much we make in forex. That's why I prefer to trade myself wit hotforex, using scalping strategies that I invented myself.
  6. I trade major liquid pair with Hotforex and use technical analysis methods to try to predict its future movements. It works but you have to try a lot of time before you gain experience and intuition about market moves.
  7. What do you think about their demo contest? I see really huge gains like 10000% are they legit? Basically how do traders who participate to this contest earn those massive returns? Any ideas? Btw, got 15th place in the demo contest held last month, expect to improve my results in March.
  8. Right now I'm trading in Hotforex eur/usd and earn some interest when I have buy position and pay interest if I have sell position. It's called swaps and sometimes long-term positions allow you to earn some modest passive income.
  9. I'm convinced that only scalping works in trading, after years of testing of various trading systems with Hotforex which are based on different timeframes, I came to conclusion that short-term timeframes like 1M are the most predictable.
  10. Money management in trading consists of rules and techniques which help you to choose correct size of a bet such that in current trading circumstances you achieve the best reward ratio in the trade. I use relatively simple MM rules trading with Hotforex because I prefer to concentrate on improving winning ratio of my signals.
  11. I have chosen the right broker, trading with Hotforex a FCA regulated broker that has been online since 2010, the advantage compared to other brokers is the number of instruments available to trade, basically they offer instruments from all asset classes
  12. I'm really keen attender and listener of Hotforex webinars, learned a lot from your experienced mentors, only refined trading experience, tnx
  13. Regarding the experience I have with trading equity and I think forex trading can't be much different. All I can say that there should always be a trading plan before you open or closer order, It should make sense to you why you did exactly that way and not the other. I regularly watch Hotforex webinars to make informed decisions and trade more efficiently.
  14. I always use a price action strategy on Hotforex where their free autochartist software is very flexible and easy to use even sometimes I use some indicators like RSI and MACD so overall using very little strategy but gaining almost all the time.
  15. In order to improve your trading you have to trade strictly according to your trading system and follow money management rules. Trading this way with Hotforex I managed to avoid deep drawdowns and slowly became profitable.
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