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  1. Displayed Username : ccsang Amount To Request (DMT points) : 290 Payment option Liberty Reserve ID : U6009581 Thanks.
  2. Ya ,I think they don't allow international member , May be my country cannot register , if can register , also cannot use . So sad , most program just allow USA , Canada member.
  3. Can earn $0.15 per click,earn $0.15 per referral click,earn 150% of each investment in AP,minimum payout is $1,get commissions for new sign up ,new upgrade, add funds.First contest is anyone bring 1000 member to the site will get $10 direct to Alertpay,contest end of 30 Nov 2010.
  4. They now accept all countries, but only search friendly countries can request payout, all other countries must redeem their earning for ads.The site already been paid up to $700 and just only have 140 register member.Let me try the site first.
  5. Earn commission for each investor referred to AVA FX.With a range of trading platforms ,tools and support ,they offer a blend of power and simplicity customized to suit each trader.Website owner,plug into the hot online forex and commodity market for high referral and traffic conversion revenue.Ava FX offer a wide range of the best tools to help you manage client funds while earning commission.
  6. You can check the FAQ section you get paid once you reach the minimum payout.The minimum payout is set as $2 for the first cashout, $5 for the second cashout, $7 for the third and $10 for everyone after that.Once you reach the minimum amount, you can withdraw your money to either Alertpay or Paypal .
  7. When your account is an Advertiser or an Ultra Advertiser account , you will not get paid for real money and it is just for advertising.When your account is an Earner or Ultra earner account ,then you can earn money and advertise.The low $2 minimum payout is just for earner or ultra earner membership.
  8. This site giving free upgrades to all members who join Clixent before the site reaches 500 members.When you sign up the site and reply on the forum and claim your free upgrade.The site already have 472 members, just only left 28 free member upgrade,so hurry to join the site.
  9. Yeah ,sharesbux just paid for upgrade member ,but you will get paid 200% of your investment. Sharesbux first contest for all member,they are currently experiencing their first countest ever.When the countest will end, the 3 who invested the more are going to win the prize. 1st-3 month of Share Member for free + $30 in account balance 2nd-3 month of Share Member for free + $20 in account balance 3rd-3 month of Share Member for free + $10 in account balance
  10. Upgrade any of membership plan minimum of 1 month and we will get free 1500 clicks advertisement package.This promotion end of November 5, 2010.The promotion of free premium membership account for first 1000 members of Mypinoybux already reach the free upgrade limit.By now,the site already have up to two thousands members,I am late for the promotion.
  11. News from the site , add Perfect Money via payment processor.If you see any delay or changes in your account or withdraw,don't worry because they are going to calculate all account now,this is only take few days and they correct all information that you'll need.
  12. I tried to visit the website ,but the site domain name expired on Oct 27 2010,so i can't view the site.May be admin don't have renew the domain name.
  13. They welcome all the international members join the site.Although some programs will not allow WEB-TV users to join their program,worldwish-cash welcome WEB-TV users join the program.I agree with your, the CPM rates is lower than other PTP website.
  14. The site online since July 28,2004, they are accept worldwide member.They have some additional bonus ,that is surprise links and active member bonus ads.Active member bonus ads are to reward active member.During their Anniversary month of the month they joined,they may pick one of the options listed in the forum.
  15. We don't even need a website.We can promote our product via search engines,postings in internet forums, or simply email to all your friends and people you know with your affiliate link to the product.The payment paid once a month ,we can choose Paypal, by bank cheque or wire transfer to receive the payment.
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