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  1. Glad to see monitors are slowly being added to them and that the phyip has finally changed it to paying. The plans are very stable so no body needs to worry and there are plans for site to stay pretty long time. It would be much better if the site could have some support from investors even if it means just a few dollars or even 1 dollar as I am sure all investors can afford this
  2. Link: www.steadtrade.com Plan A- 1$ to 500$ 1.5% profit daily for 120 business days Plan B- 501$-2000$ 2% profit daily for 120 business days Plan C- 2001$-unlimited 3% profit daily for 120 business days. You can check further details on ourwebsite and check it by yourself about the policies and strategies.so you can give your opinion or share anything related to this site with us here..!! We are happy to answer your questions here: and monitors are being added right now
  3. The plans offered here instantly tell me that this is not going to be a very long lasting hyip at all, Especially when the site is offer a 80 percent profit just after one day which is not possible to do by any normal hyip sites. It is merely an attempt to get some quick profit from investors and then run I am guessing. But it is surprising to see that the site has bothered to pay for 2 monitoring services which they are now both showing a paying status
  4. Wow it is amazing to see that even though so many people have been hit badly with LR that this hyip just after one day still manages to receive more than 4000 dollars in to their site by accepting other payment processors such as PM, STP, and Egopay! But why is this one so popular I wonder. Everything about it is so risky to invest in
  5. Displayed Username : faceless Amount To Request (DMT points): 160 Liberty Reserve ID : U7527820 -Thank You Admin and Mods
  6. The plan description is a little bit unnecessary, why the GT500 and all that? It is just an hourly program, nobody will care what the investment plan is called,and fine the hourly rate is not ridiculous but the fact that admin chose to use hourly units is not a good idea! Also ten dollars is quite a large amount for normal investors to risk into an hourly program. So this site might struggle to survive for even a few hours in my prediction
  7. Well that is a huge payment from adf.ly from the thread starter who posted it, I never knew they were that big a site, any be able to pay such high amounts to users. Because I always see that people who shorten their links using adf.ly there are supposed to be ads for us to see before we click the skip button, but whenever I use adf.ly I never see any ads posted by adf.ly. Maybe in a location where the ads not targeted?
  8. It says that the pay per click can reach up to 2 cents per click, but don't be fooled by this and think that the click rate is too high, because this rate will only apply to those with the massive upgrades being the highest membership, and that rate is necessary for them, for the amount that they paid for the membership. If you look at the number of members which is over 2000 now, and only 13 dollars paid, you can tell that the site is actually giving low pay per click for the standard member, and also slow payments.
  9. Hate to say it but out of all the captcha sites I know right now, I would say this is probably the best in terms of highest rate, the minimum withdrawal, and the waiting time for payment and the waiting time for each captcha to appear. First the rate is one of the highest, even better than megatyper, withdrawal is just 10 cents, and waiting time for payment is just a few hours, and captchas appear very quickly
  10. @budado just be a little bit more patient with it, as you already know there is a reputation for the admin of MTV not to process payments frequently, but still maintains doing them at a regularly basis, which is around once every month. It shouldn't stop you from making the posts in MTV though because the activity is still very high and people who have already got pending payments seem to be still active there not minding the pending so u shouldn't too. I too have 5 dollars pending, but at the same time made another 500 points, so when that is processed, I can instantly request another
  11. @savehouse, it is just a ptc site, not many ptc sites display their stats. For example only neobux and a few others with similar script have the ability to do this, because they are proud of what they have achieved whether it is the amount of money paid, or the number of members they have, but since this is just a new ptc, there is nothing to boast about or display to, but the ptc site does look incomplete to the eye. Too simple.
  12. @budado I am sure you don't really mean you are going to spam the site tonight, a bit of an exaggeration, but rather mean you are going to make a decent effort in posting in mylot making a lot more posts than you normally would, because I hear that mylot has a strict policy with spamming and keeping the forum clean and tight regulations have been implemented. BUt they don't mind short one line posts since they don't offer that high a rate any way
  13. @budado, making 5 posts in GT is never a challenge for anyone in GT, even just in the hyip section, there are so many threads although not as many as the others who just post new hyip sites every single day. In GT it is just the popular and recognised hyip that are discussed there being at the top of the section. IF you are a keen hyip investor, then you will have an easy time discussing there making at least 10 posts without problems.
  14. @savehouse that is one possibility of handling it and I get the feeling that it could be a likely event with Nick doing this because it seems like he has very little time to mange all 3 of his forums, and at the moment TCC has been neglected and slowly so is EP. Strange thing is that both the moderators, Hoang lond and omarlaa are no longer moderators and active there.
  15. @diejob There are strengths and weaknesses in every forum, and seems like you pointed them out and summarised them. Yes the activitiy seems to be a lot higher in comparison to the hyip section, but maybe that is because admin is not just that focus onto the hyip for the forum, even though that is the main driving force for the forum I am guessing because of the advertising banners, Also forex is quite important, but its relatively quiet on there too
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