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  1. For me it is a little complicated but i'll try to understand atleast
  2. I like to learn from skilled people. Thanks for your guide my friend
  3. It's possible to minimize the risk but no one can guarantee eliminating it.
  4. I will tank you for sharing this. Have a nice day
  5. You're right, patience can make you to have big profit. Thanks for sharing
  6. Thanxs for sharing this i hope i'll learn more and more for you guys
  7. yeah i tried too but same thing happened here too
  8. This is a great guide. Thanks for sharing this. Have a nice day my friend
  9. Thanks for sharing this, it is a really useful article.
  10. but where is the attached file i cant see it...
  11. When i trade, i would usually have 2 take profit targets. So that when take profit 1 is hit. Which is marked by the purple line. I would have taken my first profit off and shifted my stoploss for position 2 to break even. By doing so, i am also on the “SAFE” side. As price may hit Take profit 1 and reverse back down. And as i have taken profit a TP1, my 2nd position’s stoploss is shifted to breakeven. So i am in a FREE trade. So whether or not it may hit TP2. I have already gotten profits. In this scenario, i have taken profit at TP1 and my 2nd position has hit my stoploss for breakeven.
  12. This is an useful guide. Thanks for sharing this
  13. Thanks for sharing this, now i can view my streaming rates from my mobile. This is cool.
  14. This is a cool strategy. thanks for sharing this, i guess you have skill in what you doing
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