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Member Since 13 Sep 2017
Offline Last Active Dec 20 2017 09:02 AM

Mining on a home computer or laptop - Computta.com

04 November 2017 - 04:51 PM

How to earn a crypto currency using a home computer or laptop?
For this there is a service computta.com!
If your graphics card or processor is suitable for mining - this program will easily determine this with a benchmark (a computer performance test). If the computer meets the requirements of the miner, then I congratulate you right now you can start earning money when you work at a computer or if it is idle.
The program is designed for 64-bit systems!
The advantages of the program:
1. Without investments
2. Without the purchase of additional equipment
3. Simple and flexible configuration of the miner for your needs.
4. The minimum traffic consumption, enough even 2G
5. No need to solve some kind of captcha, everything happens on a full machine
6. The program does not require any special knowledge in mining.
7. The program does not need to be connected to a pool or other services. All done as Plug-and-Play
The process of setting up and running is as simple as possible:
1. Sing up
2. Download and install the program.
3. Run the benchmark.
4. Start mining.
If everything is allright and the benchmark is passed successfully, the program will display the income that you can receive using your computer. It remains only to press "Start" and your computer immediately starts to produce crypto currency!
The program is not for nothing called Smart Miner [/ b] (smart miner). It will automatically adjust itself to different modes of using the computer.
On the main screen of the program you can pretty roughly, but quickly, adjust the behavior of the program for different modes of operation.
Under the link "Advanced settings" you will get to a more fine tuning of the miner. Here you can already fine-tune the employment of a separate processor or video card for different modes of the computer: when you work on it and when you are away.
How to earn even more?
Yes it is possible! The easiest way to start earning more money is to start building your own affiliate network in the sphere of the most common home mining.
Even when you work at a computer, it will generate profit. If your partners will be enough, you can make good money.
All you need to share this information with others!
The service provides a five-level referral program: 10-5-5-3-2%.
Build your network of referrals and earn even more!
What crypto currency this program mining? By and large, the user does not know this. Most importantly, the final result of mining arrives in the form of satosh, which is credited to your account.
But still it is approximately to determine which algorithm the miner is working on, and in the final analysis which krypvalutu it mines, it is possible. To do this, you need to closely monitor the process of benchmarking. At the moment when the program goes through various algorithms for mining, the currency counter will change its state. And when its value is maximum, notice, during the test of which algorithm this happened. Most likely, it is on this algorithm that the program will work.
Do not miss this simple opportunity, try what your computer is capable of!
Try service computta.com right now!

The Empire Of Dragons — Empire-dragons.com

16 September 2017 - 08:00 PM

I do not admin / owner of the project
Project start 04/09/2017
Note that for the first time the game can be loaded for a long time. Do not worry, just wait for the download!
Hi everyone, guys! In this review I'm pleased to introduce you a new exciting game called "The Empire of Dragons." This is an economic fantasy simulator, based on the strategy of developing a virtual game world, in which you will have to go from a small settlement of 100 people to the formation and heyday of the richest Empire with a huge army and developed industry.
Conditionally your Empire is divided into two areas of the development - Economic and Military. The first direction will be developed by workers from civilians. Their task is to extract resources - wood, stone, iron and millet. The second direction is given to brave military units. Their task is to win for you precious diamonds on the battlefields. Like in reality, all units have a limited lifespan. You can find it by clicking the icon of the character you are interested in.
Conditionally the game is divided into two areas of development - Economy and Military. The first direction is developed by civilians, the second - by soldiers. With each sale of the extracted resources, you will gain experience and advance through the levels from zero to the tenth. At each level, you can buy and build certain buildings and hire workers or soldiers in them. With the levels, the price of units and their profitability will increase.
Go to the Town Hall, build "Residential Buildings" and populate people in them. Then build a Sawmill, a Quarry and an Iron Mine with a Farm. Direct your residents to work in these buildings and they will start to get you resources.
Go to the Town Hall, build the Shooting Range and Infantry Barracks. Then buy the desired number of soldiers and they will immediately begin to extract precious diamonds.
Selling resources, gaining experience and gold on the output
Collect resources in each of the constructed buildings and sell them in the local market. Each sale brings gold and experience. Gold can be withdrawn at the rate of 6000 gold - 1 USD.
Bonuses are paid to the account for purchases.
Good Luck in the Game!