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1% - 1.19% Daily For 365 Days
Start date: Jun 9th, 2022


Min Deposit: $65

Min Withdraw: $5




Ref: 4%




Unique Script
Our Investment: $150


About Breezen.io:
Earn coins with Breezen Breezen simplifies the crypto-earning process, ensuring services used will rely solely on profitable coins to further enhance the experience. Perfect for beginners and crypto enthusiasts alike, we've streamlined the earning process, making it easy enough for anyone to do. Gain more control over your profits while operating safely and securely with Breezen!



Technical data

Hosting: Cloudflare
IP address: (Canada / Toronto)
NS servers:
harlee.ns.cloudflare.com, roan.ns.cloudflare.com
Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-3 valid from 29 May, 2022 to 29 May, 2023 - Cloudflare, Inc.


Domain Information
Registrar: NameCheap 
May 21, 2022 - May 21, 2023
Registered on 1 year
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Dear, PhyipCom.
Your withdrawal request BTC ( 0.00025100 BTC ~ $5 ) was successfully processed
The funds have been sent to your wallet.
Verify transaction: dc987866bd3d903b9d391eac5aab152c28cf148d73f63a4894595f51573ed41a

Date: Jun-16-2022

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