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Virtual Real Estate from Cabin up to Mansion (Cabin, Condo, Duplex, Chalet, Villa, Mansion) which gives Passive Income automatically daily, without making tasks.

Join here



After registration users get 200 Coins to buy Cabin.

Cabin gives 14.4 Coins daily passive income. 

To get passive income you need once a day log in and click Claim my Coins and Turn on Production to renew daily passive income from your Real Estate + every day users can Claim 10 Coins Daily Bonus.





Instant Withdrawal from $0.02 to FaucetPay or Payeer

When Withdrawal Coins are exchanged into $ (200 Coins= $0.02)


Proofs of Payment:



(0.01$ Payeer comission/fee because of Instant Withdrawal)

Real Estate Classes/Upgrade Variants/Real Estate Passive Income Variants:

Cabin - 14.4 Coins/per day , Condo - 144 Coins/per day, Duplex - 1440 Coins/per day, Chalet - 14400 Coins/per day, Villa - 144000 Coins/per day, Maison - 288000 Coins/per day


Having collected Coins, users can Upgrade Real Estate Class or to purchase Real Estate of more high Class.

Users can earn Coins in Earn Free Coins making tasks - Shortlinks, PTC Ads, Offers.


Every day available:

Shortlinks from Bitswall - about 150 Coins

PTC Ads from Bitswall and  Offers4All about 100 Coins

User can earn 250 Coins per day only making  PTC Ads and Shortlinks

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Now I have 460 Coins per day + daily Bonus 10 Coins

This is about $0.05 passive income per day 

my passive income is from 5 kinds of Properties:

Cabin Level2 (28.4 Coins) + Condo Level3 (432 Coins)

that means

Cabin (14.4 Coins per day) + Cabin (14.4 Coins per day) + Condo (144 Coins per day) + Condo (144 Coins per day) + Condo (144 Coins per day)

that gives 460 Coins per day


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