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Ad-Doge - ad-doge.com

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[Ad-Doge] is a web page in which you can win money and convert them to satoshis.

The minimum withdrawal is 0.1 USD via FaucetPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer and Criptocoins (BTC, DOGE, LTC).

You can earn money by:

1.- Faucet Claims:
Every 5 minutes. You can earn up to 0.001 USD.

2.- Visit Shortlinks:
You can visit these pages from 00:00 server time.

3.- PTC Ads:
More than 40 pages of ads.

4.- CPA/GTP Offers:
Here you can earn money by registering on some pages, posting on some social networks, creating video for youtube in other tasks.

5.- Referrals:
Invite people with your referral link to join this page and you will receive a percentage for each activity that you invite.

6.- Offer Walls:
Complete offers such as downloading apps to your phone, filling out a survey among other tasks.

7.- Contests:
There are 3 types of contests in which you can compete. For each job, you will earn 1 point. There are 10 prize levels for each contest.

7.1 Monthly Referrals Contest; 
Invite people with your referral link to join this page and you will already be participating in the contest.

7.2 Monthly Offer Walls Click contest; 
You will earn points for each offer click complete.

7.3 Monthly Offerwalls Contest; 
Complete offers to participate in the contest.

8.- Jackpots:
Buy tickets via Purchase Balance. The cost of each ticket is 0.01 USD.

9.- Other ways to earn some extra satoshis are; 
- Daily Bonus (0.025 USD)
- Hcaptcha
- Traffic Exchange
- Surveys
- Video (Daylimotion Videos)
- Twitter Follows
- YouTube Videos
- Traffic Grid
- Pop the box!
- RefBack
- Free Vouchers
- Games
- Dice Games
- Achievements

For this, you can join through my link:

Ad-Doge YouTube Channel:

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