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«C1k» is the international company that has been working at the financial consulting market over 5 years, and has offices and partners all over the world. Our team provides financial consulting services both for businesses and individuals. Our activities are carried out in all continents of the world and can be used for different business fields, satisfying our partners and clients needs at a high quality level. Our company and our partners have financial platforms in many countries.

C1k finance deportment is:
1.   Workflow. International level economists-accountants are working in our company. Companies with a large history, and different ways of deposits and payments.
2.   Accounts with jurisdictions in different banks valid for working payment processes.
3.   Cash desks and offices destined for the completion of your financial tasks in a secure way, temporary funds storage, organization of the payment reception processes for or from your clients.
4.   Encashment in different cities and countries.
5.   Encashment between different countries.

We provide international financial consulting services for:
1.   Importers/Exporters:
•   household products;
•   electronics;
•   other directions.
2.   IT-sector in different business directions.
3.   Online-businesses.
4.   Individuals.
You just need to set up a task to our high-qualified experts!
We get to know our potential clients with pleasure both by phone and personally. Our specialists often visit different countries with working purposes. We are always glad and looking forward to new business relations!

The list of the most demanded countries where we provide financial consulting services:
1.   CIS (all countries).
2.   Korea/China/Hong Kong/Singapore/Vietnam/Thailand (financial consulting for associated individuals and entities).
3.   India.
4.   United Arab Emirates/Oman.
5.   Turkey.
6.   All European countries.
7.   USA.

***There are also other countries and regions, not included into this list (available at request).


Our websites
Group of our projects:
https://c1k.world (cryptocurrencies exchange: E-PAYMENT SYSTEMS, BANKS, CASH).

1.   Accounts payment CNY/RMB (private individuals, China).
2.   Swift/Sepa Payment.
3.   Teleport Cash_to_Cash (all over the world).
4.   Carrying out cryptocurrency trades and their encashment in Europe.
5.     Kazakhstani tenge

1.   Development of the cryptocurrency stock exchanges and exchange services (ready solutions).
2.   Marketmaking.
3.   Listing.
4.   Programming Smart-contracts.

1.   Mining hotels.
2.   Sales and delivery of the mining equipment.
3.   Construction and projection of the mining mines.

Our contacts:
E-mail: support@c1k.world
Telegram: @C1kfinance
WeChat id: c1k-finance

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