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On 7/17/2020 at 11:10 PM, Changehero.io said:

The past week could have been a usual one for the crypto market, but the largest Twitter hack got Bitcoin trending and revived the buzz about it in the mainstream. ChangeHero team has prepared a weekly digest to recap the events, price changes and our news.

Top Currencies Price Changes:

Bitcoin -0.49%

Ethereum -2.45%

XRP -0.62%

BCH -5.64%

BSV -4.98%

LINK +42.52%

Litecoin -4.75%

Binance Coin +3.05%

Tezos +27.39%

Stellar Lumens +21.51%


Gainer of the week: NIMIQ +63.78%

Loser of the week: Dogecoin -20.27%


Cryptocurrency news:

🏦 Japan and the UK announce plans to develop central bank-issued digital currencies.

💸 Payment processor PayPal published a letter to the European Commission where they confirm ongoing R&D into blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

🔗 Chainlink (LINK) broke into Top-10 by market cap.

⛏️ Bitcoin’s mining difficulty hit a new all-time high just two months after the latest halving.

💥 A hacker or group of hackers gained access to high-profile Twitter accounts, posted fake Bitcoin giveaways, amassed only $123,200.


ChangeHero’s News:

A week ago we introduced the Compound (COMP) token for trading against other cryptocurrencies on ChangeHero. This new project took June by storm and now is establishing itself on the market. Do your research and get it on ChangeHero — it has all the chances to be really promising!

This is very good. Its this till now available? I will be happy from your response.

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