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Выплата: 08:06 15.03.20    Receive    307201967    U20628430 AlysDax.com    +1.65    Received Payment 1.65 USD from account U20628430. Memo: API Payment. alysdax.com.   

Next payment received on time: Date: 2020-03-31 11:50 Batch: 308941741 From Account: U20628430 Amount: $2.03 Memo: API Payment. alysdax.com.

Payment, thanks admin!

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During the period of self-isolation, AlysDax project leaders record video messages to their partners and creators of the project.


We have already received more than a hundred files from our participants from various countries and regions, including Japan, China, India, Indonesia, France, Argentina, Venezuela, South Africa and others. People from all over the world share their impressions of participating in the most ambitious, modern and profitable AlysDax project in the financial services market.


But their main goal is to unite and support each other in order to see the scale of AlysDax project.


Being a part of the AlysDax community means not only getting the opportunity to develop and improve, increasing your income by earning money on deposits or through a referral program. This means receiving advice and valuable information from regional leaders, feeling their support and attention! Today we want to thank each participant in the project and share with you the video that we have collected from different messages.

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The project aims to create a financial pool on the part of investors (individuals) and provide leverage to partner traders (Legal entities, small and large platforms) AlysDax uses margin tools for transactions on world crypto assets trading platforms


AlysDax works only with trusted and highly qualified financial institutions. In turn, Partner Traders are given the opportunity to receive leverage for margin trading.

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The amount of 300 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U83*->U20628430. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. ALYSDAX.COM ORDER6014.. Date: 10:44 18.04.20. Batch: 311240073. 



The amount of 12.3 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U20628430->U83*. Memo: API Payment. alysdax.com.. Date: 17:49 19.04.20. Batch: 311384578.

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Presentations of AlysDax are simple and understandable visual materials that explain the essence of the project and tell beginners how they can earn and develop. These materials will make both private meetings and large-scale conferences more effective and understandable.
Publication of materials in the public domain is really great news for the leaders of AlysDax. All presentations are designed by professional designers and translated into several languages.
In the presentation you will find all the necessary information: the essence of the project and its basic principles; a description of the platform’s functionality and a brief guide to its use; registration instructions and portfolio examples; Useful tips and life hacks that will make the collaboration of your team members with AlysDax even more profitable and successful.

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Official AlysDax media channels
Let’s communicate, let’s earn, let’s grow!
AlysDax website (https://alysdax.com/)
Facebook AlysDax (https://www.facebook.com/alysdaxofficial/) 
YouTube  (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD8bME2tqgfxR5psAji_qRA)
Telegram news channel (https://t.me/alysdaxnews)
Telegram chat (https://t.me/alysdaxchat) 
Youku AlysDax (http://i.youku.com/alysdax) 
Twitter (https://twitter.com/AlysDax)
Kakaotalk  (https://open.kakao.com/o/gl84h90b)

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