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[ANN] MAKEAFOLIO, INC. All in one cryptocurrency solution & Learning platform

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visit https://mafdash.makeafolio.comto participate






How Does MAKEAFOLIO, INC. Differ From Other Platforms?


With our interactive tutorials, mentorship programs, easy-to-create portfolios, and social features, you will be a cryptocurrency expert in no time. 

We will break down barriers and become the industry standard for all things crypto-related, from creating your first paper wallet to learning how to 

buy the bottom and sell the top. You will be able to stay up to date on all ICOs and know if they are suitable by viewing their MAF rating from the 

token directory.


MAKEAFOLIO, INC. Mentorship Program


When the user first signs up for MAKEAFOLIO, they will be presented with the option to choose their experience level. There will be 4 levels that they may choose from 

(Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert). If the user selects “Novice” or “Intermediate,” MAKEAFOLIO will automatically present them with the option of joining

the MAF Mentorship Program. Within the MAF Mentorship Program there will be guides and tutorials on how to complete simple tasks within the cryptocurrency 

space, including how to create a safe offline paper wallet, the dos and don'ts of cryptocurrency, stay safe, move your tokens, do technical analysis on charts, general 

crypto terms, spot a good ICO, and many other helpful topics. If a user selects the novice level, they will be given the option to have a free mentor within our MAF 

mentor program, providing the basic knowledge of how the blockchain works. These tutorials will be interactive, and once complete, will earn the user achievement 

points for doing so.


MAKEAFOLIO, INC. Bounty Campaigns! (All Found Here)



For more detail on everything MAF related, please visit our Website.


Updates to be added soon, stay tuned!


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