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Hello, guys! 


Every person who uses different online payment systems daily needs the best service. Before he/she needed to visit tons of exchangers and compare their terms, rates etc.


In 2007 we launched www.bestchange.com exchanger monitor to let thousands of people all over the world use easy and fast way to exchange.


It is very comfy to choose the exchanger there; you see all the available options here. All that you need to do is to choose what currency you give and get in the left and right columns. After that you will see the exchanger that exchange that currency pair; the most profitable exchangers are on top. To take a final decision, please read client’s reviews in the same table; the information about limits and reserves is here, too.


BestChange monitor is:

  • Full access to real client’s experience and reviews
  • Full customer support
  • Easy and comfy way to fast currency rates comparison
  • Fresh information about reserves and commissions
  • Automatic search for the most profitable exchange offer
  • Best rates for digital currencies exchange

For your safety you may use the “Calculator” tool on our website; it helps you to count the amount you get in result. Also, you may create a notification or use double-exchange, check the statistics etc.


Save your time with BestChange, make the best rates search super easy and fast.


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I have known about best change for some time now. But the exchanges listed there charges very high commission some certain types of exchanges. It is really disappointing to see those rates. But I understand best change does not have anything to do it the rates. They just list exchangers.

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We also used many time when we need some urgent money and search legit exchanger. :D

Definitely it's a good project. Even we asked to add our Exchanger company to their list. But they told us we are not popular that's why can't be added. I think it's a good point.


However at this moment we are older so long. Today i response their mail. Hope so this time they will consider us. :) 

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I was used bestchange.com for check good e currency rate and got the best result. i want to say many many tnx for this type of service. Every people will be helpful for search trusted and best rate provider exchanger. 

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The U.S. Federal Reserve says they have “infinite amount of cash” — what’s the impact on bitcoin?

 Why BTC will drop to $5,000

A “death cross" formed on the BTC price, a top-down intersection of 50-day and 200-day Moving Average. This will lead to a price drop down to $5,000, Coindesk analyst Omkar Godbole thinks.

However, the drop will not happen immediately: for example, in the spring of 2018 the “cross”, bitcoin price first went up by 50% in a month, and then declined by 70% within six months.

The scenario will be cancelled if BTC can consolidate above $6,460, the analyst writes. Godbole also notes that similar crosses are forming on the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 industrial charts.

 Peter Brandt: Bitcoin price will drop by 50%

Well-known trader Peter Brandt believes that BTC will drop below $3,000. Responding to a comment on Twitter, Brandt posted a chart with a “descending flag” figure - if implemented, the price will go to the level of $2,700.

The trader also indicated that having declined below $7,500, bitcoin price broke the long-term support line and moved into a downtrend. Earlier, the analyst said that bitcoin will drop to zero after breaking this level.

 Opinion: cryptocurrency will benefit from the crisis

Unlimited amount of U.S. dollars will positively affect bitcoin, trader Joseph Young believes.

“Fed printing unlimited money to pump markets = good for bitcoin

Devaluation of dollar over the long term = good for bitcoin

Short-term may be gloomy for bitcoin, but long-term prospect of it remains very bright,” Young tweeted.

A similar opinion is shared by Stack analyst Lennard Neo. He expects an influx of capital into cryptocurrencies due to the uncertainty central banks and governments actions amid the crisis.

CEO of Titus Investment Advisors Justin Gillespie notes that quarantine will strengthen the position of cryptocurrency. According to him, “The longer the people can’t go outside to conduct their business, the more useful the cryptocurrency should become as it can be sent and received from the safety of one’s home."


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Cash turnover hits record high in the U.S. and altcoins mentions on Twitter drop to a minimum

 USD banknote turnover hits a 20-year high

From March 11 to March 18, the turnover of cash dollars in the United States increased by $34 billion, shooting up from $1.809 trillion to $1.843 trillion.

This is the largest growth in the last 20 years, economist John Paul Coning points out: the U.S. citizens are withdrawing money from banks amid the coronavirus epidemic. Last time a similar situation was observed in 1999 when people were afraid of digital devices failure due to the "Y2K bug"

It is noteworthy that the current increase in cash circulation is happening despite the WHO recommendations to avoid contact with banknotes, as COVID-19 can be distributed through them.

 Twitter's altcoin mentions drop to a minimum

Twitter users now write about main altcoins less often - the number of mentions per day has dropped to a three-year low.

The number of posts about XRP has decreased by 60% in two months to 2,542. Ethereum was talked about slightly less — the number of tweets with the hashtag #ETH fell to 2,500, which has become the lowest engagement level since February 2017. For comparison: in December 2017, when the altcoin set a maximum price, the number of tweets about it exceeded 51,000.

Bitcoin’s “little brother” LTC has been completely forgotten —Twitter users mentioned the coin only 350 times a day. The popularity of BTC, on the contrary, has grown, its mentions have doubled since the end of January.

 Small miners shutting off will help the price of bitcoin

Blockware CEO Matt D’Souza said. He analyzed the periods of decline of the network’s hash rate and noted that they were followed by a prolonged increase of cryptocurrency price. In his opinion, now the situation may be repeated.

At the moment, the computing power of the BTC blockchain has dropped to 93 EH/s. In mid-March, when the bitcoin exchange rate sank below $4,000, small miners were forced to turn off the equipment, which led to a sharp drop in the hash rate and the difficulty of mining cryptocurrency.

Matt D’Souza notes that this will benefit the price of bitcoin, as private miners quickly sold their coins to not work at a loss.


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