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I stared this new forum to discuss new and upcoming websites that are GPT sites. I hope people will post in this forum if they know of any general websites out there that they like or new sites that have been launched. I want to bring attention to a new site that is out there that offers 5 dollars USD for completing 5 easy tasks. Please take a look any maybe head over to this site and check it out for yourselves.


Signup to gptstar.com and follow these 5 easy steps to earn an easy 5 dollars.

  1. Go to gptstar.com and sign up today!
  2. Watch 5 videos for 10 or more seconds
  3. Complete 4 offers on the offer wall that are worth 50 or more points
  4. Go to the ad wall and click on all the ads (make sure you enter the code at the end to get the credits!)
  5. Last but not least CASH OUT!!!

Imagine how much more you could earn. Signup today!


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The way you phrased your questions shows that you are a TRUE LEADER. You said “we”, like you already have a team.

“We” earn money through a variety of ways, but here are the most basic:

  • DEVELOPMENT - The building of websites
  • HOSTING - Websites all need a home, and having your own servers gives you a development platform, some additional income, and leverage against non-payment
  • SUPPORT/WEBMASTER - A website is NEVER “done”. It will always need security or content updates, and most people don’t really want to do it themselves.

I also make money by performing SEO services, social media marketing and creating print marketing tools (business cards, flyers, etc.)

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