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heyy guys  :D i came across this great forum today and i thought i should share it with you guys in the forum  :) 

Join TODAY TO LEARN AND SHARE IN Content Locking CPA/PPD forum. Black hat and white hat niches, promotions methods, guides and more.


you have to review new threads and to write a small comment on it..only HQ COMMENTS 




New Post $0.10


New Thread $0.10


New Registration $0.01


Per Reply $0.10


and you also get to lock your threads and when ever someone unlocks them you get .10$





do leave me as the default referrer if you want to thank me for sharing this  :) if you don't want me to be the referrer it's perfetctly ok  ;) i can understand  :)


have a nice day all 



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To be sincere this would have been the best forum so far with highest paying rate but the only thing that discourage me is that the forum only pay to paypal ,I thou I have join and contributed my post there their earning rate is the best but if you dont have knowledge on CPA or PPD its going to be a bit though to make post here

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Is it a paid to post site? If it is then what is the process of requesting payment? Please tell me further details about this site? I am really interested in this site.

no they just give you space in there site to enter your referral links or other articles to make referrals they did not pay bro :angry:

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