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Hello everyone, I am rather new to the website but I do want to address the law in Colorado legalizing marijuana, what do you guys think about it, are you happy about it or are you mad about it? Do you support it? Should it become legal in other states? Does anyone live in Colorado that wants to share their opinions?


I will share my opinion. I think that legalizing this would be a better investment than keeping it illegal, the reason I say this is because it isn't hard to see that the government and state laws are not really keeping people from doing it, it just seems like they keep throwing money at the situation and people keep getting around it I didn't say I support the legalization of it other states but I didn't say I didn't. I don't really have enough knowledge to say I support it or I am against it. But hopefully your opinions can help me make a decision.


Drop a reply and tell me what's on your mind!

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I had problems with potency from marijuana. I started taking tadalafil. These are special pills for potency. It's not spam, I really advise you to try these pills. The community of people who have already used these tablets have written a blog. where they wrote about all the negatives and pluses of these pills

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I can't wait to try different varieties of marijuana. I know that it is now used in medicines on site https://www.marijuanabreak.com/cbd-oil-in-indiana. I have long believed that this is a naturally pure plant and it can and should be used for different purposes. Many people think that it can be used only as a drug, although I think that this can be said about many things.

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There are a lot of online cannabis shops online right now, and on top of that, most of them are simply represented by scammers who are simply trying to steal your money. This is why you should know when ordering weed from trusted suppliers or stores. Luckily I buy from the artist tree marijuana dispensary & delivery hollywood , which a friend of mine recommended to me and who always delivers everything we order on time.


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