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You must be at least 13 years of age to be eligible to become a member of PaidTheFastest. We will never rent or sell any of your information.


Q: Does it cost anything to be a member?

A: No, membership is completely free. In fact, 90% of our offers are FREE to complete. You will never have to spend a penny to earn free cash. We also have paid offers for members who choose to complete them.


Q: How do I cancel my account?

A: Please open a support ticket asking for your account to be closed.


Q: How to I become verified?

A: You MUST be verified to receive instant PayPal payments. In order to become verified, you must submit your first cashout. This cashout must then be reviewed by staff and either approved or denied. Normally, accounts take 24 hours to become verified, but during peak times can take up to 72 hours. Please note, accounts are NOT verified on the weekend.




Q: How do I become eligible to complete offers?

A: You must complete your full profile including address and phone number. Once you have updated this information, the offers will become available to you.


Q: My offers are not getting approved.

A: Remember, there is no guarantee that offers will credit. When completing offers, do exactly as the requirements say. It is STRONGLY recommended that you use a FRESH valid email address for each offer group and clearing your cookies between EVERY offer. If you are unsure which group an offer belongs to, then use a new one. All pending offers that don't credit will be deleted from your pending file after 7 days so you can redo them if you desire."


Site URL: Paid The Fastest FREE Invite.



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