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Tips to prevent hair loss

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Poor circulation in the scalp area is the main reason for hair loss in women. Eating the right diet can go a long way in improving circulation in the scalp region. The right diet comprises of foods that give you the best combination of nutrients. Vitamins A, C and E help you arrest hair fall to a great extent. It is a good idea to consume carrots that are rich in vitamin A, lemon laden with vitamin C and almonds known to contain large amounts of vitamin E along with your regular diet. Ensure that your regular diet is also a balanced one much to the advantage of your general health.

Stress can be one of the serious causes of hair loss. Avoid worrying too much about things that are not of great relevance to you and your life. Make sure you use the right oil for your hair. It is important that you allow pure coconut oil to be well absorbed by your scalp after rubbing it to your hair. Mere rubbing of coconut oil may not suffice. This is due to the fact coconut oil is rich in vitamins and hence is supposed to be very good for the health of your hair.

Don’t allow too much of dust to get accumulated in your scalp area. The accumulation of dust would result in a blockage of hair follicles. If the follicles of your hair get blocked whatever the oil you apply for your hair would not get absorbed by the scalp for sure. This would even worsen the situation of hair loss. Hence make it a point to use the best shampoo or hair lotion while taking head bath. Don’t try to comb your hair when it is really wet after hair bath. You should allow your hair to get dry before combing it.

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Aloe Vera and Coconut oil are natural remedies on preventing hair loss. Also try to meditate and de-stress to counteract the effect of alopecia. My dad went bald because of stress and chemotherapy but now he's doing fine and survived cancer. His hair has grown back.

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