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Healthy Snacks: Fruit Juices

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Lots of beverage shops and even cafes are joining the fruit juice and smoothie bandwagon. These healthy beverages have now become popular meal and snack substitutes. You may be wondering whether to choose juicing or blending, then read on.

Juices and smoothies are different from each other. A juice is the liquid extracted from fruits and vegetables without the fibers and pulp. The smoothie on the other hand is the end product of a combination of fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc., which are mixed and pulverized using a blender, then usually consumed through a straw.

While juice lovers may believe that vitamin delivery is faster if the fruit is consumed without the pulp, nutritionists and doctors would attest that there is no evidence to this claim. Smoothies gain higher points in terms of nutritional value because the pulp contains fiber and elements that helps maintain weight and fight cancer.

Is drinking a smoothie better than eating whole fruits or vegetables?

If you have all the time it takes to chew the fruits, vegetables, and nuts completely on a regular basis, then it would be great. Drinking a smoothie makes the intake of the full serving fast and convenient.

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